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Flaunt your style with cell phone cases

Cell phone cases do much more than simply protect your phone from drops and damage although that's their primary use. Today's cases are so varied in style and design that they easily reflect their owners' unique personalities. From basic cases that are no-nonsense in their abilities to whimsical versions that leave no doubt as to your favorite sport, Sears has cases to fit all phones and personal preferences. Because these accessories are so affordable, you can switch them out as the mood strikes.

Hard cell phone cases aren't as flexible as their soft-sided counterparts, but they're durable enough to hold up to plenty of abuse. If you're the type who drops a phone several times per day, you want something built to last. Clear cases let your phone's color show through while a monkey-themed case lets your personality show instead. Choose a fun bear case that slips over your iPhone; available in brown or white, this isn't your typical phone case. Other various phone accessories you'll find at Sears include chargers and replacement batteries to keep your cell phone powered up and always ready to go.

Silicone makes a wonderfully flexible protective barrier for your phone. Sears offers many options in silicone cases, from bright green and aqua to basic black versions. Once you slip your phone into these form-fitting cases, you don't have to worry that they'll pop off. Other case designs that reflect your tastes include sports-themed styles that celebrate your love of professional or college teams. They're more than cases; they're conversation starters, whether you meet other fans or rivals. When you need to be hands-free, shop our cell phone mounts, which securely hold your phone in a horizontal or vertical position.

Enjoy the best of both case types with hybrid versions that feature hard and soft surfaces. A hardened interior protects your phone, but you'll only feel the soft rubber exterior that also converts into a stand. With cases that fit iPhones, Blackberries or any general phone, Sears helps you protect your device but in a way that showcases your unique style. Snap-on and slip-on cases give you peace of mind. With so many different designs to select from, it may be hard to choose just one. Polka dots, fake gems and plaid sit alongside solid colors and less flashy styles. Sears has everything you need to stay connected, from prepaid cell phones to smartphones that easily multitask.

When it comes to finding cell phones and cases, Sears is a one-stop retailer that does it all. Find accessories and replacement parts along with cases that are functional, fashionable or a combination of both. A wide range of prices makes fitting a case into any budget easy, so find the right case for your phone here and keep it protected from all the things you do to it.


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