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Get more out of your handheld gaming with PlayStation Vita accessories

With any game system, the original starter kit may not be enough to fully maximize the capabilities of your system. The PlayStation Vita console is an advanced handheld gaming system, but accessories can add even more to your gameplay. While the screen resolution and sound quality are fantastic on the PS Vita, you might want to watch your movies on a larger television screen or hook up to your device to some more powerful speakers. Open up all the Vita's possibilities with a few accessories.

The most important accessory to get is a protective case. After spending all that money on your PlayStation Vita, you don't want it to get ruined by an accidental morning coffee spill or grabby toddler hands. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a soft-cover protective case or a hard case. Soft cases take care of most small bumps and scrapes, and they are a good choice if you will mostly be using your PlayStation Vita around the house. If you travel more, then a hard case is the better option, since it will handle being thrown into bags and is simply more durable. You may also want to look at other PS Vita care items such as screen wipes and cleaners to make sure that your gaming device runs smoothly for years to come.

Attachments that help you with your viewing or sound experience are another good accessory to buy for the PlayStation Vita. As of right now, the Vita does not have an attachment that lets you see your games on the television, but you can still find PSP accessories that hook up to your TV. Your Vita does have a sound output slot, so you can plug in some headphones or your speakers. A good set of soundproof headphones can give you a full gaming experience on your PlayStation Vita, whether you are at home or on a noisy airplane.

Finally, you will need a few odds and ends in case you want to take it on the road. Since the PS Vita allows you to hook up wirelessly to download movies and games, you won't have to worry about hauling around discs like you did with your PSP movies. However, you may still want an extra memory card or two to store a large movie and game collection. Different charging options can also save you when you're on the go. Car chargers are great for charging your game when you'll be camped out in the passenger seat for a road trip. Portable chargers are nice for long airplane trips or when you don't want to have to stop to charge. You may also want a cradle that charges and stores your PlayStation Vita. Many cradles come with better speakers, as well as a dock that will hold your PS Vita at an optimal angle.

No matter what type of accessories you choose to buy for your PlayStation Vita, Sears is here to help. From headphones to memory cards to dock chargers to cases, we have everything you need to completely outfit your device to fit your needs. With Sears at your side, you will get perfect picture and sound for any game or movie you choose to play.


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