Are you ready to become the indomitable do-it-yourself plumber on the block? Do you want to be the go-to person whom friends and family members call when there is a clog in the drain? Plumbing augers feature between 15 and 25 feet of heavy-duty rust-resistant steel wire to let you quickly repair a clogged toilet or speed up a slow drain. For tougher clogs that are also beyond the reach of the auger, there are drain cleaning machines. Common tools in the arsenal of a professional plumber, these machines frequently feature cable lengths of 75 feet. If you are ready to get serious about flexing your do-it-yourself plumbing muscles, augers and drain cleaners are essential.

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      Unclog your drains with high quality plumbing augers

      Clogged drains and toilets can interrupt the flow in a home or business. Plumbing augers help you manage such problems with maximum ease and speed. Augers work together with tools like plungers and drain cleaning machines to handle different levels of plumbing stoppages. We carry both commercial grade and home plumbing products.

      A simple tool for common clogs is the Cobra Products Zip-It Drain Cleaner. The plastic auger works for most types of tubs, showers and sinks. You do not need any chemical drain cleaners with this device, so it is perfectly safe and eco-friendly. The device works quickly and it can even clear out hair clogs. Cobra Products provides a limited defect warranty with their product.

      If you need powerful equipment, the AJ 25 FT Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner Snake Auger may be the right pick. Equipped with a pistol grip and plumbing reel, this auger can be used for deeper clogs as it has a 25-foot long steel spring wire. The snake wire has high carbon content for maximum corrosion and kink resistance. By spinning the wooden knob, the reel turns the wire to clear out tough clogs. The auger's canister uses powder-coated, enameled steel for protection against rusting.

      The Cobra Products 1/4 in. x 15 ft. Auger is a midrange item that can handle clogs up to 15 ft. deep into the plumbing. The auger comes encased in a corrosion-proof, sealed, molded plastic canister. Using an open boring head, the high-carbon, high-grade steel spring wire can clean drains up to 1 1/14 in. in diameter. You can lock the rust-resistant spring wire into place using the zinc-coated thumbscrew. The Electric Eel Music Wire Handle Closet Auger is a traditional plumbing snake that is perfect for use on clogged toilets. The music wire cable has protective tubing to prevent damage to the toilet bowl. Zinc plating improves durability and resistance to corrosion. The 3-ft. auger works on all types of toilets using a knobbed handle to turn the spring wire.

      We carry leading plumbing auger brands, including Oatey, Cobra Products and AJ. We also carry a complete range of household items from washer accessories to kitchen appliances. Ask one of our Sears experts if you need any help finding the product you need. We offer customer support service through live online chat, phone and email. To focus the number of items that display on each page, use the selections in the left sidebar to narrow down options. You can also sort items by price, rating and other criteria.

      If you become a member of Shop Your Way MAX, you will receive free shipping on all your orders. Some orders will also qualify for free two-day shipping. Otherwise, we may provide free shipping for all customers for larger orders. Ask one of our experts if you need any help finding our special deals including discounts of 70 percent or more. Shop Sears today for a high quality plumbing auger.


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