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      Portable DVD Players

      Whether your kids want to watch movies during a long road trip or on a flight to visit family for the holidays, portable DVD players will let you bring all your favorite flicks on the road. Sears carries portable Blu-ray players that make high-quality video easy to take with you anywhere. Dual screen portable DVD players will even give two passengers their own personal screen, headphone jack and volume controls while watching a movie. When you want to escape the monotony of a long trip with more than just an MP3 player, a portable DVD player is the perfect answer.

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      Turn the backseat into a theater with portable DVD players

      Long road trips can seem even longer when your passengers are stuck staring out the windows for hours. Grab a portable DVD player so your kids can enjoy all their favorite movies while you roll down the highway. With dual screen portable DVD players, two people can each have their own screen. That way no one will have to struggle to see the screen. You can find a model perfect for every traveler.

      Gone are the days of having to sacrifice quality for portability. Sears has a vast selection of portable Blu-ray players that make high-quality video easy to bring on a trip. Whether it's a road trip or cross-country flight, you'll also want to be sure to keep your tech safe. Grab a protective case to keep your media player in perfect condition. Don't forget to stock up on new Blu-ray movies before hitting the road.

      Many of these portable movie players have easy to install headrest mounts, so everyone in the backseat can have a good view. These are particularly useful with dual screen portable players. They'll hold each screen at the perfect height. Sears carries a wide variety of portable DVD players that are perfect for any trip. Grab a portable Blu-ray player so your family can watch their favorite movies and TV shows while you get from point A to point B.


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