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      One of the most versatile saws in you can have in your shop is a band saw. Band saws give you the ability to make curved, straight and angled cuts. This versatility means that they're going to get used quite a bit. Sears has a large selection of band saw blades in a variety of teeth per inch, tooth shape and band size. You can also find a band saw fence so you can make straight cuts, and miter gauges so you can accurately make a cut at any angle. All of these accessories will help you get the most out of your band saw.

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      Make any cut with the help of these band saw accessories

      Getting the most out of your band saw requires a number of accessories. From the tooth type of your blade, to guards that help you get the cuts you want, you'll need a lot of options to make the most of your band saw's versatility.

      The main component of the band saw is a saw blade. There are a number of variations in band saw blades that can greatly affect how your saw cuts. Sears has regular, skip and hook blades. Regular blades are great for general metal cutting. Skip tooth blades work better on softer metals and are popular for wood cutting. Hook tooth blades are perfect for hard alloys, hardwoods and some plastics. Each blade type varies in teeth per inch (TPI). The higher the TPI count, the smoother the cut you will get. In order to create tighter curves, you'll want to pick out a thin blade. For thicker materials, you'll want a wider blade to compensate. Besides replacing dull blades, you'll want a variety of blades so you can have the right tool for the job. Although band saws are similar to jig saws, there are some important differences to consider. Both band saws and jig saws can cut curves, but band saws are far stronger and cut much faster.

      In order to make straight cuts, you'll need to get a band saw fence. The fence, when lined up using your square, will let you make clean and straight cuts through any material. Using a band saw fence for straight cuts is an easy way to remove thickness from a piece of wood before shaping it. The fence will lock onto the table and help you get that straight cut. Trying to freehand a straight cut on a band saw is near impossible and can even be unsafe.

      With a miter gauge, you can make accurate angular cuts with your band saw. Your miter gauge lets you turn your band saw into a miter saw with the purchase of one accessory. Just like the fence, this will lock onto your band saw's table and give you stable angled cuts.

      A band saw is a large investment and you'll want to make sure you are getting as much out of it as you can. Adding a number of band saw accessories to your tool box will help you to utilize everything your band saw can do for you. Visit Sears and get the band saw blades and other accessories you need to make your tool even more versatile.


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