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      Transform your drill with drill accessories

      When you purchase a power drill, you're not just buying one tool. You're buying something with a myriad of uses, but you'll need some special accessories to transform your drill for these different functions. Sears has a wide selection of drill accessories that can turn your cordless drill into a makeshift drill press, adapt it to any bit or even turn it into a high powered rust remover. All of these add-ons will increase the value of your power drill and let you tackle any project.

      One of the few drawbacks of a hand drill is they rely entirely on the user to keep the drill bit completely straight during the drilling process. Unlike a drill press, which will drill straight holes with no problem at all, hand drills are more susceptible to jostling. When you need to drill perfectly straight holes, but can't use your press, a drill guide will give you the stability you need. You can attach your drill to this guide and can drill the perfect hole much easier than you could freehand, essentially turning your cordless drill into a make-shift drill press when you need it.

      In order to get the most value out of your drill you're going to need a few adapters. These allow your drill to use almost any drill bit you might have. Whether it is a hex, brace or straight shank, Sears has the adapters you need. Along with these varied shapes, you can also find them in a number of different sizes. Having a few adapters around for the bits you use the most will let you make quick changes and keep your projects running smoothly.

      With the addition of a wire brush, you can turn your drill into a high powered rust buster. These wire brushes will grind off most rust and have your metalwork looking like new. This is especially important when it comes to powder coating. If there is any dirt or rust on metal prior to applying a powder coat or paint, you'll see it greatly affect the final look. Keep a wire brush attachment on hand to clean up any rust and get metalwork back into shape.

      With the addition of a few key drill accessories, you'll be tackling any and every job in your way with efficiency and ease. Come to Sears and get the cordless drill accessories that increase the value of your tool.


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