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      Drill press accessories improve your versatility in the workshop

      Whether you have to drill through wood or metal, drill press accessories give you the precision and versatility you need for both woodworking and metalworking projects. Sears features hundreds of heavy-duty drill press accessories and parts from name brand manufacturers like Craftsman and Black & Decker. Stabilize your wood or metal, and drill holes at an angle with the Craftsman 3-inch drill press vise. Drill holes of various shapes and sizes with fractional bits and mortising chisel bits, and invest in a complete CRL drill and thread tapping set, which features drill bits for both drill presses and cordless drills.

      Regardless of the job, you need a durable and heavy-duty drill chuck to secure your bit and to give you complete control while drilling. Drill chucks attach easily to the drill press, and you can tighten and loosen it easily with a chuck key. If you prefer to use cordless power tools, then consider the Jacobs Adapt-A-Drive chuck for converting your cordless power screwdriver into a mini drill. Along with drill chucks, invest in universal 4-way chuck keys that fit most name brand drill chucks of various sizes.

      Drill sharpeners come in handy for keeping your drill bits sharp and ready for back-to-back projects. You can also choose from various attachments that improve your workflow when woodworking. Craftsman 2-piece socket adapter sets transform your cordless screwdriver into a socket driver, and buffing wheel and compound sets give you the freedom to buff and polish surfaces with your cordless power tool. Drill guides keep your objects steady as you drill, and wire-end brushes remove rust and grime from metal surfaces.

      When you combine the power of your rotary tool with a drill press, you have a powerful unit for drilling precise holes and creating intricate detailing on your wood. With additional rotary tool accessories, you can convert your tool into a multipurpose unit for sanding, polishing and cutting multiple surfaces. The Craftsman grout removal attachment installs in seconds and lets you remove grout from shower and floor tile. A flex-shaft attachment gives you precise control as you work, and cut-off wheel sets turn your rotary into a powerful tool for cutting through plastic and metal pipes during plumbing jobs.

      Accessorize the tools in your workshop with drill press accessories and drill chucks for your corded drills, cordless power screwdrivers and drill presses. Convert your drills into multifunctional tools with drill attachments, and invest in rotary tool accessories to sand, cut and polish with just one tool. Search the Sears inventory for even more affordable power tools and professional accessories for both commercial and DIY projects.


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