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      Once you have your lathe, you'll want various lathe tools to complete all the different projects you can do with it. These woodturning tools are what help you form, chisel and hollow out wood pieces. Each tool has a different function and will create a different shape in the wood. Unlike your planer, woodturning works by spinning the wood and using stationary tools. These tools can create much more subtle shapes. Whether it is a post for a lamp or the leg of a table, these lathe tools will help you add that personal touch to your woodworking pieces.

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      Create any detail you want with lathe tools

      When you create certain pieces, like lamps or table legs, the process requires a number of tools working in combination with your lathe to slowly shape them. The lathe gives you the rotational speed needed so all you have to do is press the tool into the wood for uniform detail all around the piece. There are also woodturning tools that are perfect for hollowing out wood, letting you create shapes like wooden bowls. If you're going to be using your lathe frequently, having a wide range of lathe tools on hand will allow you get the perfect shape for your project. Sears has complete sets as well as individual lathe tools.

      Once you've purchased your lathe, it's time to get the tools to make use of it. Sears has a few starter sets that will get you up and going, so you can start getting used to what you can do with your lathe. As you progress you'll figure out which blades like and use the most. From there, you can start building a set with more specialized tools.

      One of the most common woodturning tools that you'll be using is your chisel. Like your standard wood chisels, they're meant to remove chunks of wood. The difference with a lathe chisel is that it removes pieces of wood in a much more uniform fashion. There are various shapes of lathe chisels to choose from depending on the effect you want to create. The key to getting the most out of your lathe chisel is making sure it is razor sharp. You'll want to sharpen this tool often to ensure that you're making accurate cuts.

      When it comes to bowl making, you'll need to make sure that you have the right gouges to carve out the center. After you've carved out a circular chunk with your band saw, you'll need to use your bowl gouge to begin shaping the bowl. Sears has a number of bowl gouges to add to your lathe tool set. You'll want to look for one made of high speed steel. Since making a bowl can take a while, having a tool that can stay sharp for a long time is important.

      Having a well-stocked arsenal of lathe tools will let you create any design. They'll help you add those nice accents to your woodwork while minimizing user strain. Pick up your woodturning tools at Sears and turn a simple lamp stand into a custom piece of art.


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