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      Router bits enhance your woodworking designs

      Even if you have a router, you need a variety of router bits for making intricate edge chamfers or straight cuts. Sears has hundreds of individual bits and complete router bit sets from Craftsman and Dremel that work with your handheld power tool. Create S-shaped edging with a Roman ogee bit, and use a chamfer bit to get a smooth profile. With a molding router bit, you can make an intricate multiple edge profile with just one bit. From rail bits to rabbeting bits, enhance your woodworking designs with router bits from Sears.

      Your rotary tool also comes in handy for making intricate details in wood, but it also cuts metal screws and removes grime when you have the right rotary tool accessories. Transform your rotary tool into a rust remover with the Craftsman stainless steel brush wheel, and remove grout from your kitchen and bathroom tile with the grout removal attachment. Use a flex-shaft attachment for precise control over your cutting and detailing, and invest in the Craftsman rotary quick-change toolset for exchanging your bits in a hurry.

      Along with router bits, you can improve your router even more with router attachments from Craftsman and Bosch. Since you can use a router to create inlays and designs, consider the Craftsman router pantograph to cut three-dimensional engravings in your wood. Maintain your router tool with a router brushing and centering cone set, and invest in a mortise kit for creating inlays on doors. The Craftsman router table gives you a durable surface on which to work, and it has an integrated shield that prevents dust from scattering over the work area. From Porter-Cable router motors to Craftsman sign kits, you have access to router accessories that improve your work and enhance your designs.

      Other rotary accessories you should consider for your shop include jigs from Craftsman and Black & Decker. A jig helps you keep your router in place, and it offers better control as you move your router from point to point. Choose from template, plate and channel jigs depending on the precision you need while working. Select from Promax 24-inch taper jigs and MLCS half-blind dovetail jigs for woodworking. We also carry specialty accessories to assist with your wood projects, such as Kreg corner clamps for securing your wood to the table.

      Whether you want to make detailed edge shapes or precise inlays, you have access to router bits that give you the exact look you want. Consider additional rotary tool accessories and attachments like tables and pantographs to maximize your workflow. Choose Sears when you need affordable power tools and woodworking accessories for your workshop.


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