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      Router attachments improve your tool and your workflow

      Routers do everything from creating inlays and detailing patterns in your wood. When you invest in router attachments, you increase your tool's functionality, and you enhance your workflow in the shop. Sears provides a complete lineup of professional router tables and attachments from Craftsman and Bosch that complement most name brand routers. For creating intricate prints, consider the Craftsman router pantograph that helps you cut 3D and 2D engravings, letters and numbers on your wood. Router tables give you a reliable surface on which to cut and detail as you work.

      If you use a portable cordless router, then you may want to keep extra tool batteries in the workshop. Look for interchangeable batteries that fit your Craftsman C3 line of products, and opt for Lithium-ion batteries that hold charges longer than NiCad batteries. A 19.2-volt battery gives you plenty of power to cut and drill holes in wood for hours at a time. As you work, keep one battery in the charger to use once you drain the power from your current battery. With a cordless router, you increase your freedom as you work, and you don't have to worry about a cord getting in your way.

      Jigs come in handy if you work with a router since they help you control the location of your tool. Using a jig with a router also improves the tool's motion as you create inlays for doors. Use a jig template to create the same design repeatedly without any guesswork, and invest in accessories such as corner clamps to secure your project in place as you work. From angle jigs to dovetails, we have specialty accessories and jigs to use with your router.

      If you perform any type of professional carpentry or DIY work, then you know the importance of having a durable spiral-cutting tool. Although the tool cuts through everything from tile to hardwood, you can increase its functionality with spiral-cutting tool accessories from Craftsman and A.J. Hanson. Cut through tile grout in your bathroom with the Craftsman 1/8-inch grout removal bit, and cut at 90-degree angles with the right-angle cutout attachment for the Craftsman All-In-One. With the Dremel Multi-Max multi-knife attachment, you can cut through vinyl flooring, cardboard and shingles with little effort.

      With router attachments such as pantographs and tables, you improve the way you work in your shop. Keep extra batteries on hand that work in conjunction with all of your cordless power tools, and invest in jigs and spiral-cutting tools to complete your at-home workshop. Visit Sears online for the best selection of name brand power tools and accessories for all of your woodworking needs.


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