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      Table Saws Get The Job Done Safely and Professionally

      A table saw is one of the most powerful and versatile tools sold by Sears, but you must use the proper table saw accessories at all times to achieve professional results in a safe manner. In addition to safety glasses, three items you should definitely have for use with your table saw are a push block to keep your fingers away from the blade while cutting, a featherboard to hold the wood snugly against the rip fence, and a blade changer to safely install or remove saw blades. Sears carries all of these table saw accessories for interchangeable use with most table saw brands.

      A table saw blade changer fits over the teeth of the saw blade and holds the blade still while the central bolt is removed. Many people wedge a piece of wood between the blade and the saw housing for this purpose, but that can damage your blade. The large handle of the blade changer allows you to hold the blade firmly without risking your knuckles against a slipping wrench, and the stepped design of the changer fits securely into the teeth of the blade to prevent rotation.

      With a sharp blade in place, you are ready to saw boards. Feeding a board through to the rotating blade for a rip cut is safely accomplished by using a push block. The saw blade doesn differentiate between your hand and the board, and a push block makes sure your hand is never at risk. A push block is another item that many people fashion for themselves from a board remnant, but there are several reasons to consider using a purchased push block. A purchased push block is designed expressly for the purpose of pushing wood towards the saw blade. It has a molded grip and is much easier to grasp than a piece of wood. It also has a layer of rubber that allows it to grip the board more securely and guards against slippage.

      When you push a board along the fence with the push block, a featherboard will hold it securely and ensure a straight cut. A featherboard gives you complete control over the path of the wood. This is one of the most important table saw accessories to have when ripping long boards or boards with a narrow width.

      Sears carries these table saw accessories and more. For example, you will also find a full line of safety goggles, gloves and other personal protection equipment for woodworking projects at Sears. There are many venues for buying tools, but Sears is convenient, competitively priced and has knowledgeable sales associates ready now to provide you with valuable tips and practical hands-on information to help you select the right tool for your project.


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