Protect your computer with a stylish Ultrabook case or cover

Ultrabooks are a sleek and stylish way to take your work with you. Just like any other electronic device, they need protection in order to ensure that they will be working quickly and efficiently for years to come. One of the most simple ways to protect your laptop is to invest in a quality case or carrier that will help you transport your Ultrabook with ease.

Perhaps one of the most durable forms of protection is a hard shell Ultrabook case. Most hard shell cases snap around the body of the device to add a little extra toughness to your computer's exterior. A hard shell case will protect your Ultrabook from falls, spills and bumps as you transition from home to the office and back. Depending on your brand of Ultrabook, hard shell cases come in a variety of colors and styles to fit your personality. If you choose to purchase a hard shell case for Ultrabook use, make sure to get one that is specifically designed for your make and model; a secure and exact fit will ensure that the cover does not pop off or wear out quickly.

Padded sleeves

For people who want stylish and unique Ultrabook cases, a cloth or neoprene sleeve may do the trick. The budget-friendly neoprene sleeve offers some water resistance and plenty of padding in a convenient zip-up style. A padded zip-up case may offer more fabric design options and bonus features like quilted covers or personalization options. Since Ultrabooks are so thin, you may also want a sleek envelope-style sleeve. These cases literally look like envelopes and securely stay shut with buttons, snaps, or hook and look closures. If you just want to transport your Ultrabook alone, then you don't need much more than a simple padded sleeve. These cases are inexpensive and will protect your Ultrabook from the elements in style.

Tote or briefcase

For those who must transport Ultrabooks, accessories, files and other items, a tote or briefcase may be the best carrier option. A tote usually contains a special padded pouch or compartment for your Ultrabook but also packs plenty of other pockets for the many supplies you have to transport. Totes come in a variety of fun and fashionable options so you don't have to sacrifice your personal style in order to keep that Ultrabook safe. Ultrabook briefcases offer a more sleek and professional look, with compartments for files and notes as well as a padded section for your computer.

Whatever style of Ultrabook cover you choose, you will know that you are protecting your investment so you can keep business running without having to worry about accidents. Explore a great option of tablet, nook and laptop shells, sleeves and cases at Sears.

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