Protecting your Nook: Covers, cases and more

You have finally made the switch from paper books to an electronic e-reader, and you love the lightweight package and crisp images. While the rest of the family is hogging the fancy new LED TV, you can watch videos, surf the web and browse full-color books with the touch of your fingers and a little wireless access. Since you have spent the money, it is a wise idea to invest in a high-quality cover or case to protect your Nook.

Whether you have gone with the HD or HD+ models, or have opted for the simpler Nook color; covers are a necessity if you want to keep your screen sharp and your hardware from glitching. Even if you aren't clumsy, you will need to protect your Nook from any variety of encounters. A drop, even from a short fall if someone bumps into you or your cat knocks it off your chair, can ding the device, scratch the screen or knock something loose from the motherboard. A spilled cup of coffee or a rainstorm could soak your Nook and fry the circuitry. And even the least-klutzy person can't avoid the weather. Cases help shield the Nook from drastic temperature and humidity changes.

While you might not think you need protection, a case also helps make the Nook more portable. A slick neutral case looks professional and can go well with your other work essentials; the briefcase, laptop bag or padfolio. Imagine yourself perusing the day's newspaper at your next job interview or meeting; it looks professional, and you will be read up on your current events.

Nook cover features and styles

There are a wide variety of cover styles available in just about any fabric or pattern you can imagine. Some covers are simple cases that fold open like a folder to show your Nook. Other covers offer the ability to flip around into a handy stand, so you can prop your Nook up for easy reading on a table or counter. If you are an avid cook, this option is a great way to display your recipes as you chop, simmer and bake.

For style, there are a wide variety of leather Nook covers in neutral prints, as well as animal and reptile designs. For those who are looking a little more upscale, there is a huge market for designer Nook covers as well. Many high-end designers have branched out into the electronics market and offer a wide variety of laptop, e-reader and tablet covers. You can also find extras attached in Nook covers with light bulbs for easy reading, or pockets for storing all your essentials. In fact, some Nook covers offer enough pockets to allow you to use your cover as both Nook protection and your wallet. The best Nook covers are ones that are made from sturdy materials, fit your style and keep that Nook safe!

A Nook cover is a worthwhile expense to protect your device. Whether you are looking for something sleek and fashionable or something practical and professional, Sears can help you find the perfect Nook cover for you!

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