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3-D Puzzles

Your family loves putting puzzles together. It may take some time, but every hour spent gathered around the table and working together is worth it. Sears carries eye-popping 3D puzzles sure to add another dimension to your puzzle-piecing sessions. Once you get these put together, sit back and bask in your accomplishment. Simple puzzles are great for young kids, but we also carry mind-boggling complex ones with dozens of pieces that are made to impress. Sears offers plenty of ways to keep your family entertained, including 3D puzzles or action figures for more animated play.

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Shop for fun and challenging 3-D puzzles with Sears

3-D puzzles are fun, creative toys that both adults and kids can enjoy. Sears has 3-D jigsaw puzzles including castle puzzles, animal puzzles, puzzle games and other toys that deliver long-lasting entertainment for your entire family. Choose your puzzle based on age so that your 3-D puzzle is just as challenging as it is fun. When you put together puzzles with your children you help them practice their cognitive skills.

3-D jigsaw puzzles are especially popular, as they offer an interesting twist on traditional puzzles. Plastic puzzle kits come in a variety of themes and allow children to build dinosaurs, cars, farm animals and many other subjects. Each kit is intricately detailed and can provide hours of fun. Puzzles are rated by difficulty and by number of pieces, so it's easy to find an appropriate product for kids of various ages. Sears has a wide variety of 3-D puzzles that are appealing to kids and double as decorations once they've finished.

Other 3-D puzzles test logical thinking skills. Puzzle games challenge players to find ways to maneuver metal rings out of a 3-D maze. Maze games are also rated by difficulty and make great gifts. While word puzzles are fun games for adults to pass time with and children to learn vocabulary with, children have a more full-bodied learning experience with 3-D puzzles. They gain problem solving skills, visual skills, hand-eye coordination and more cognitive development skills. Find the perfect puzzle games or 3-D puzzles to strengthen your child's learning skills when you shop at Sears.

Puzzle playsets are a great way to combine the problem solving skills of a puzzle with the creativity of design. Sears has puzzles playsets designed for young children with large pieces and appealing patterns and designs. These colorful puzzles come with stickers that can be used to construct scenes and stories. They're great tools for encouraging creativity and are sure to delight young puzzle fans. Wood puzzles add another element to the equation. They're all the same color, allowing you to mix creativity with logical thinking skills by painting the structure any color you want when it's done.

3-D puzzles and games are a great way to have fun and learn and with a variety of puzzle products from your favorite brands, Sears can help you find fantastic puzzles for kids and adults alike. Find the perfect 3-D puzzles for hours of wholesome family entertainment.


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