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      Spark young imaginations with creative wood puzzles

      Provide wholesome entertainment for all members of your family and spark young imaginations when you bring home creative wood puzzles from Sears. These give everyone a break from flat jigsaw puzzles. Multi-dimensional styles might be a bit harder to assemble, but they can be more satisfying to complete. Small children can handle many of our wooden and pegged puzzles, while adults take on the more difficult ones.

      Many of our wooden puzzles are very challenging and they test logical thinking. They offer you an interesting change from traditional flat puzzles. Some of our puzzle kits are good for small hands, as youngsters can have fun assembling dinosaurs, cars and animals from larger wooden pieces. Our many 3D puzzles are excellent choices for gifts. They can be more of a challenge, but the end results are dramatic and make great decorations. Build towers or use puzzle pieces with stickers to create a story. Get children interested in simple problem solving when you present them with some wooden puzzles from Sears.

      In addition to our wood jigsaws, check out our puzzles with wood pegs and characters. Some of these have wooden parts, while others are made from plastic or durable cardboard. Even the youngest children can have fun while they complete colorful wood animal puzzles that only have a few chunky pieces. Older kids like to do floor puzzles and more challenging Sudoku puzzles. For the heavy thinkers in the crowd, bring out some of our brain teasers, like cube and pyramid puzzles or a 3-D puzzle ball. Puzzles are a great alternative to constant video game playing and the children can enjoy these just as much. Parents will please the kids and enjoy the learning opportunities that puzzles provide.

      Kids love our fairy fantasy, space voyage and pirate adventure puzzles because they have enough pieces to keep them busy, yet are complex enough to feel like a challenge. Other jigsaw puzzles for older children and adults have varying difficulty. Try a real challenge with a 2,000 piece puzzle at your next family gathering; everyone will try to help. Many puzzles from Sears are educational and teach science, language, math or geography. Some can be done quickly, while others might take days to complete. No matter how hard, puzzles are always fun to put together.

      Whether you are up to the challenge of working a wood puzzle with a complex Van Gogh painting of a sunflower or just want a chunky puzzle for toddlers, you can find it at Sears.


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