Quick Keurig troubleshooting tips to get you back to brewing

It's the day before your holiday party. The house is clean and you want to make a quick cup of coffee before you begin your holiday baking. But there's a problem with your Keurig brewer. Troubleshooting tip No. 1: Retrace your steps. Is there water in the reservoir? Is your cup in place? Is there a K-CUP tucked in? Is the machine plugged in? These may seem like obvious questions, but sometimes it's so easy to get in the habit of doing something that you can accidentally skip a step and not realize it.

Once you've double-checked everything you have to do for the brewing process, are you still having problems with your Keurig coffee maker? Troubleshooting tip No. 2: Don't panic. Keurigs are well made and designed to be user-friendly, so finding an easy solution won't be a problem. Make your first stop at the company's website. Have your manual handy so you know the model number and other details. For example, do you have the Keurig platinum? Troubleshooting for that will be different from a Mini. Sometimes identifying an issue is easy when it comes to Keurig troubleshooting. Leaking is a good example. You can easily tell if you have an issue by the puddles around the brewing system. Other issues are not as easily identified.

Retail stores are helpful too

Find local stores that sell Keurig brewing systems. Many have help lines you can call to get some help; let a sales associate assist you in identifying possible solutions. You can also give a quick call to friends and family members who have Keurigs to see if they have ever experienced the same situation.

Caffeine crisis avoided

With help from the website, you can find the information you needed to get your Keurig working like its old self again. In addition to finding the solution you were looking for on the website, now is a good time to take a look at any the rest of the site; there may be accessories and coffee flavors you didn't even know were on the market. So those few minutes of troubleshooting paid off in more ways than one. And you learned that replacement parts are available should you ever need them. Remember to call your friend or family member that you have found a solution so you won't need to borrow the Keurig after all. Now you can enjoy your coffee before beginning your holiday baking.

Troubleshooting only takes a few minutes. Before you panic or run out to buy a new machine, take that few minutes, and you will likely find a solution.

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