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      Wall Mounted Range Hoods

      Range hoods are an essential part of your kitchen that keeps the air clean and healthy. With options from Sears, you can keep your kitchen well-ventilated and looking great. Wall-mounted exhaust fans are available to match decor styles from trendy to classic. They can be an important focal point of the overall look of your kitchen that enhances the look of your other cooking appliances. In addition to great designs, these range hoods also have convenient features like lighting and fan speeds. Update your kitchen's look with a wall-mounted exhaust fan that is as stylish as it is functional.

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      Add a fashionable and functional touch to your kitchen with a wall-mounted range hood

      The type of range hood you need for your kitchen is mostly determined by the layout of your home. If your oven is placed against a wall with no cabinets or other obstructions above, you'll want a wall-mounted range hood. You'll have plenty of flexibility when it comes to the look of your wall-mounted exhaust fan. You can find units in any style to match your decor, and our range hoods have useful features to enhance your kitchen.

      Wall-mounted range hoods are a very effective way to ventilate your kitchen space. Choose a range hood that is at least as large as or slightly larger than your stovetop to effectively capture any steam, vapor or odors rising from the range. When correctly sized, wall-mounted exhaust fans are among the most effective kinds of range hoods for fully ventilating the cooking area. The surrounding wall or walls help guide fumes up towards the range hood, and the large coverage area helps ensure nothing escapes into your kitchen air.

      A range hood might seem like a large addition to the ceiling space in your kitchen, but it can become a defining element of your kitchen's style. Wall-mounted exhaust fans no longer need to look like plain industrial vents. You can now choose from a variety of shapes and styles, including flat units that have a modern look or curved units with elegant styling. They'll fit in perfectly with a suite of other sleek stainless steel appliances. Many wall-mounted exhaust fans now use glass for an airy look that cuts down on the bulky appearance of a traditional range hood while still providing effective coverage of the stovetop. Whatever the theme of your kitchen decor is, you're sure to find a model in our selection that enhances the look of your home.

      Our wall-mounted range hoods include a variety of features to help you out in the kitchen. Many models now include adjustable lighting fan speed control. You can keep reduce excess noise by turning down the fan speed when you don't need a lot of power, or turn it up to the maximum to deal with steam coming off of a hot grill pan or griddle. Lighting features enhance the look of the range hood itself with soft illumination, and help you see the stovetop even late at night or early in the morning.

      A wall-mounted range hood from Sears is a great option for any kitchen. You'll get effective ventilation while adding a stylish piece to your kitchen decor.


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