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      If you hear squealing noises or feel vibrations when pushing the brake pedal, there might be a problem with your car brakes. Sears has a wide selection of brake parts for almost any vehicle make and model. A brake system might not have elaborate auto electrical parts, but it does have complex components that need to work in harmony. Choose everything from brake pads to rotors so your car is performing in top shape. No matter what part of your brakes needs repair, you'll find all sorts of high-quality components and hoses to finish the job.

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      Replace worn out brake parts with new components from Sears

      While there are many key parts in your vehicle, car brakes play a crucial role when you drive. You need them at their best when certain situations require you to stop on a dime. Whenever you need new brake shoes or drums, Sears has a wide array of brake parts from trusted brands for almost any car, truck or SUV.

      While fixing your car brakes is a little more difficult than changing your head light bulbs, fixing them yourself can save you from a large bill from a mechanic. As long as your vehicle is out of warranty or the repairs won't void an existing one, you can find plenty of reliable brake parts at Sears for almost any project. Find everything from brake lines to calipers so your car gets back in top shape.

      Having a faulty brake system not only can impact your ability to brake quickly, but it also can affect traction on your car tires. In most cases, a consistent squealing sound might mean that your brake pads are wearing down. Choose from pads and brake shoes made from ceramics, metals and other high-grade materials to suit your vehicle. If the worn out pads scratch up the rotors, make sure to replace your old brake rotors with new models that fit just about any ride.

      Whether you're installing new pads or repairing the old booster, it's important to have the correct brake parts. Sears carries a wide selection of durable components for your car brake system.


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