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Dado blades from Craftsman, Black and Decker and other trusted brands produce the grooves needed for shelving or joining wood pieces. We carry single, adjustable dado blades with tough carbide tips in all common diameters. Stacked blade kits are available with the right number of blades for the cuts you need to make. When the job involves demolition, cut off saw blades will power through tough materials that stand in your way. Your favorite blade brands are here including Vermont American, Oshlun and Gilatools. Dull blades don't have to slow you down. Order fresh blades for all your saws today.

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Make accurate recessed cuts with dado blades

Woodworkers know the value of a precise dado cut for joining wood pieces together or installing shelving in a cabinet or bookcase. High quality dado blades are essential to making a groove the right width and depth. We carry two types of blades. Stacked dado blade sets employ three or more blades to produce the cut. Single, adjustable dado blades make the dado through a controlled wobble. Craftsman and Oshlun stacked dado sets feature outside blades to form the sides of the groove and chipper blades to clear the center of the groove. Professional woodworkers might want to consider high-quality stacked sets from Amana that produce a wide range of very precise dados. If you prefer the action of a single dado blade, a carbide-tipped blade from Oldham is an excellent choice.

Dado blades are one of the thousands of power tool accessories available right here. Blades for circular saws, miter saws and reciprocating saws are just a few of the replacement blade types we carry. Drill bits include standard bits, spade bits and hole saws. Rotary tool accessories for grinding, polishing and cutting are available in many different styles. We carry chargers and batteries for cordless tools in all voltage sizes from leading brands.

Our selection of replacement band saw blades is huge, so you'll easily locate the right blade for your saw and your purposes. They are available in lengths that fit all the most common saws. Specification options include blade width and TPI count. Blades with more teeth per inch are typically used for finer cuts. Those with fewer teeth per inch cut more quickly and are used for ripping wood to width. Regular tooth, wavy tooth and skip tooth designs produce cuts for a variety of purposes. Craftsman Bi-metal band saw blades cost more, but they offer increased durability too.

Circular saws are one of the most versatile tools in the truck. Given the right blade, they cut dimensional wood, plastic and harder surfaces like masonry. Standard circular saw blades are affordable and come in sizes from 3.5 in. to 12 in. to fit your saw perfectly. Buying them in a multipack can reduce your cost per blade. If you plan to cut concrete or brick, a hardened blade with a carbide or diamond tip is a better choice. Many of them can be used wet if you plan to cool the blade with water.

Replacement blades and other accessories are essential to the performance of your tools. Our selection is unsurpassed, so you'll find excellent options for everything you need. Shop Sears today for great prices on all the power tool blades and accessories on your list.


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