Reciprocating Saw Blades

Reciprocating saw blades from Craftsman, Makita and DeWalt tackle the tough cuts on every job. When a blade dulls or breaks, having the next one ready keeps you working. Demolition blades offer general-purpose cutting of most materials. Hardened, bi-metal blades are preferred for cutting metal. You'll find the type and length needed for your purposes. Jig saw blades also come in different types for different cuts. Purchasing a variety set is a good way to get started. Buying packs of the blades you use most often will save you money. Get peak performance from your saws with our great selection of replacement blades.

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Find reciprocating blades to slice through your materials

When you are searching for saw blades, several considerations come into play. The length of the blade is important. The types of cuts you need to perform matter. Using the wrong blade can lead to undesirable outcomes. Sears makes finding the right blades for your needs easy. We carry various types of saw blades for various applications to ensure you make the right choice.

Reciprocating saw blades have numerous applications, and they come in a range of dimensions, materials and tooth designs. Notably, the applications they suit best drive these features. If you are looking to slice through metal, wood and plaster, a reciprocating saw blade works well. In fact, these blades are ideal for rough cutting. Construction workers, plumbers, electricians and HVAC workers alike use them. Options like the Craftsman Reciprocating Saw Blade Set can cut through several materials to include rip cuts and metal cuts. This particular set also accompanies a soft-sided storage pouch for safekeeping. If you need to prune a tree, you will find a reciprocating saw blade fitting. In general, the multipurpose blade models are excellent as they prevent you from making several unique purchases.

If you are cutting tile for your business or home project, you have several options of tile saw blades from which to choose. The DeWalt 4-in. XP Masonry Turbo Cutting Diamond Blade and the Evolution Rage2 Replacement Multipurpose Blade should satisfy your needs. The Dewalt model, for example, can cut both tile and brick. The Evolution model provides fast, clean cuts on various materials like aluminum, steel and plastics. In general, you can find models that not only offer impressive performance but also may provide a distinct economic benefit by offering hundreds of cuts before needing a replacement blade.

A cut-off saw blade is another option for cutting tile, designed for speedy and clean cutting. The Ivy Classic 41010 Masonry Cut-Off is one example. This blade is perfect for large cutting jobs. Instead of using a regular saw blade, you can opt for a cut off blade to save time. If you are taking part in woodworking, the dado blades may be your blades of choice. These blades rip, cut and dado wood neatly and accurately. Models like the Gilatools Stacked Dado Carbide Saw Blades Set put safety at the forefront by introducing an antikickback design to reduce the chance of overfeeding that can occur when they are cutting mass material.

Multifunction tool blades may be perfect for your project. The CRL 4-in. Dry Diamond Saw Blade can be the solution you seek if you are looking to cut concrete, block and brick. Its signature turbo rim design delivers a smoother finish than segmented blades. However, if you are looking to cut harder materials like granite and ceramics, consider a reciprocating saw blade. Consider choosing a multifunctional blade that can complete your current and subsequent project efficiently. In addition, take the lifespan of the blade into consideration as some blades are made with materials that dull or tarnish more quickly than other blades, which can influence performance.

Locating the blades for your home or business improvement project can be mystifying, especially given the assortment of blades available. Sears makes your quest a breeze. Whether you are cutting lumber, stone, brick or steel, we can help you find your blade solution. Shop Sears for your blade needs and get chopping and slicing today.


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