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      Lawn Tractors

      Craftsman, Poulan and Husqvarna are just a few of the manufacturer names associated with riding mowers. These devices are convenient choices when your yard is large. Sit in comfort while you complete your Saturday morning gardening chores. Go above and beyond your scheduled tasks and also dethatch the lawn, aerate the soil and spread a bag of fertilizer. A variety of attachments turn yard tractors into multi-tasking machines. Best of all, you can complete all these tasks while sitting comfortable on the tractor. There is no need to laboriously propel a heavy aerator across the soil. You can easily complete your landscaping tasks in a fraction of the time and with a minimum of elbow grease.

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      Lawn tractors make it easy to get the job done

      Whether you're a first-time homeowner or a veteran of all things household related, lawn and garden work can be overwhelming and time consuming. Cut down on the amount of equipment and elbow grease you need with lawn tractors from Sears. Put away the tillers, augers and cultivators and replace them with simple garden tractor attachments that cut down on clutter and decrease the time spent doing chores.

      Ride-on tractors can cut grass like ride-on mowers, but feature more versatility for year-round usage. With a simple snow attachment, you can plow your driveway and clear walkways for you and your neighbors. Gas or electric lawn tractors are helpful for homeowners with large yards. Your tractor can cover more area quickly, so you spend less time doing yard work and can spend more time outdoors enjoying the benefits of your hard work. Keep your lawn tractor in an outdoor storage shed for easy access on snowy mornings for a quick weekend trim.

      Turn your garden chores into a relaxing experience with ride-on lawn tractors. Sears' selection has a model for every homeowner's needs. Invest in a multi-functional lawn tractor to simplify your outdoor responsibilities.


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