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When it comes to covering your floors in style, carpet tiles can be a great choice. Not only do they come in a variety of textures and materials, they are easy to install and simple to replace if you damage your carpet. Who hasn't spilled grape juice from a serving tray and been faced with a stain they couldn't get out? If you had floor carpet tiles from Sears, you would simply replace the stained tile, not the whole carpet. Sports fans can even purchase carpet tiles called fanmats that feature their favorite team's logo. You'll love the possibilities carpet tiles provide for your home.

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Get sports team fanmats and regular floor carpet tiles for every room in your home when you shop at Sears

When people think of carpet tiles, they often think of commercial buildings and basements, but carpet tiles come in plush, shag and every imaginable texture and material, just like wall-to-wall carpet. Easy to install and simple to replace if damaged or stained, carpet tiles are a popular choice for all types of homes. Ideal rooms for carpet tiles include dining rooms, kitchens, recreation rooms and family rooms, due to the frequency of food and beverage spills. High traffic rooms and those where pet stains tend to occur make perfect spaces for carpet tiles as well. Because they can be installed without hiring a professional carpet installer, floor tiles are a favorite floor covering among DIY design enthusiasts, too.

Many people choose to install carpet tiles in some rooms and use area rugs in others. This allows hardwood floors to remain featured in the rooms where they look best or are still in good shape, and to carpet other rooms. Reasons for doing this include the condition of the hardwoods, the desire for soft flooring in bedroom areas and personal taste.

While carpet tiles are easy to replace if they become dirty, it's easier still to keep them free of debris in the first place. To protect your carpet tiles from becoming soiled, consider placing doormats outside of the entrances to your home, giving guests a convenient way to wipe their shoes. Using TV trays in your family room is a great idea, too, if your family tends to eat in front of the television on occasion. Your sofa will stay nice and fresh, in addition to keeping your floors clean.

It's up for debate as to whether the paint color or carpet should be selected first when decorating a room, but once these decisions are made and furniture is picked out, it will be time to fill in your space with expressive details that reflect your sense of style. Decorative bowls, artwork, family photos and vases are usually good choices, but how you'll decorate your rooms will depend on your family's tastes and needs. If you're a sports fan, you might enjoy decorating your recreation room using Fanmats, which are carpet tiles featuring college and national sports team logos. You can even create patterns with your Fanmats carpet tiles by alternating the logo-covered tiles with solid carpet squares.

Carpet tiles are versatile, require no professional installation and are easy to replace when spills or other damage occurs as a part of any family's day to day life. From Fanmats adorning your recreation room floor to plush carpets in your living areas, carpet tiles will make your home's floors aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Look to Sears for the best selection of floor carpet tiles today.


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