Safety tips for children using toddler swing sets

Kids love to play. Playtime isn't just fun for small children; it's how they learn about the outside world. A toddler swing set is a great way to help your child get fresh air while still protecting them from the bumps and bruises that are a constant threat. 

If you are a first-time buyer, start by search the safety ratings for swing sets for toddlers. Read lots of customer reviews. Are others happy with the product you're considering purchasing? Any issues they didn't expect? Ask your friends and family what sets they've purchased and any problems or surprises they encountered.

Safe installation

Set up the swing set at least 6' away from all structures and obstacles. Plan for space issues that could come up, like where the mulch bags and other yard waste will live during the fall, or where you'll stash you Christmas tree once it's been taken down.

Look closely at the yard. Are there large tree roots, rocks and other hard objects that your toddler could fall on or trip over? Either remove them or place the swing set in a different location. Make sure the ground is as level as possible.

Though grass is softer than many of the alternatives, it still helps to add a little extra padding. Put down mulch around the swing set. Rubberized mulch is a great option; it's soft and a great way to help the environment, because it is made of old, recycled tires. Periodically add more mulch to give your toddler plenty of help when he or she tumbles and falls. 

Think plastic

Plastic swing sets for toddlers are usually the best option when it comes to construction material. When they're old enough, you can install a metal or wooden set that will grow with your child. A child under the age of 3 should be in a toddler swing seat. It should have enclosed sides, because toddlers are still learning how to keep their balance. A seat made from rubber or plastic is better than wood or metal.

Swings and slides are the two popular features for outdoor swing sets. For toddlers, they are they height of fun. Try to find a shady area for the swing set so it doesn't heat up and burn fragile toddler skin. Make sure the swing is at least 2' off the ground, so a toddler can't climb into the swing by himself. Position the swing set so the toddler doesn't have to walk in front of a swing to get to the slide or other accessories.

Once it's in place, regularly check the swing set and the accessories to ensure there are no sharp edges that can cut little fingers. Teach them to sit in the seat, hold on tightly to the chains and come to a complete stop before getting off the swing. Choose a slide with side railing and instruct your toddler to sit while sliding. Provide extra mulch around the base of the slide, since the momentum will make them even more unsteady than normal.

When it comes to toddler swing sets, a few safety precautions will let your child be able to swing and slide without a care. Come to Sears to help create a safe, fun backyard. 

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