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      Snowblowers and Blades Ensure You're Ready For Any Amount of Snow

      You could use your Sears garden tractor only as a snowblower and still get more than your money's worth, relying on Briggs and Statton or Craftsman attachments to quickly and easily clear your property from even the heaviest snowfalls. But the beauty of a Sears garden tractor is not just its sturdy design and dependable engine but the many attachments and accessories that can help you take on a variety of different jobs around your property.

      For nearly anything you want to do on your property, attachments for your garden tractor can make the job easier. How about preparing your lawn and garden in the early part of the growing season? That involves spraying herbicide, insecticide and spreading out grass seeds and fertilizer. If your property is expansive, that can be a back-breaking job. However, with the help of a sprayer and spreader attachment to your garden tractor, the job becomes something that's performed professionally time after time yet simple to do.

      Do you have a garden that you work on virtually all year long? Clearing new space to expand your garden and breaking up the dirt to aerate the soil are not easy jobs. But if you let your garden tractor do most of the work, thanks to a tiller and cultivator attachment, the soil is ready more quickly for this year's planting.

      If you experience occasional heavy snows during the winter, your garden tractor could be out of business. However, there is an attachment to install tire chains on the garden tractor. Now, with the addition of the snowblower attachment, you can clear the sidewalk in front of your home and for everyone else on the block. Snowy or icy weather no longer has to stop you from any outdoor projects with your garden tractor.

      Make the most of your garden tractor, whether the weather is hot and dry or cold and snowy, with a variety of attachments and accessories from Sears.


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