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      Get your car serviced at Sears

      Proper automotive maintenance is necessary in order to keep your car running in top condition. Sears offers expert auto maintenance packages ranging from an oil change to battery installation services. Alternatively, we provide automotive manuals if you prefer to do your own car maintenance. Our in-store services are convenient as you can drop your car off while you shop at Sears.

      Our conventional Oil Change Maintenance Service is a great value that will keep your car running efficiently. The oil change includes 5 quarts of conventional motor oil and lubrication of chassis, if necessary. Sears recommends changing your vehicle's oil every 3,000 miles. New oil helps preserve the car's engine and also increases engine efficiency. In addition to changing your oil, the service includes properly inflating tires, topping off windshield-wiper and power-steering fluids, and more.

      Vehicle diagnostic manuals will tell you how often you should change your transmission fluid. Sears's Transmission Fluid Exchange Service will help to keep your car in top condition by replacing the old existing fluid with new, high quality transmission fluid. The exchange will keep the transmission gears running smoothly with minimal friction. Sears guarantees that if you find a lower price for the same service, we will match it.

      During hot weather, an air conditioner is necessary for comfort, especially on long trips. Our Air Conditioning System Recharge ensures that your AC is operating at peak performance. A poorly charged system will have problems with efficiently cooling the car's interior. Sears will evaluate 134A Freon levels to see if your car requires a recharge. We also check for any leaks using a dye detection system. With new Freon, your air conditioning will cool your vehicle with maximum efficiency.

      For both winter and summer months, you need to keep antifreeze and coolant levels topped off. Additionally, these compounds degrade over time, so you will need fresh coolant/antifreeze in order to keep your car running at maximum efficiency. By keeping these fluids at the right levels, you lower the risk of overheating or freeze-ups. Sears' Coolant/Antifreeze Exchange provides a full hydration service with fresh OE manufacturer-specified coolants and antifreeze. We offer full satisfaction for our automotive maintenance services, or you will get your money back with no hassles.

      Sears offers a wide range of maintenance services to keep your car in great condition. Additionally, we carry items ranging from car jacks to diagnostic testers in case you prefer to do this work on your own. Our maintenance services are available at all Sears Auto Centers. You can find a listing of stores on each service package page by clicking on the "See Stores" link. To get specific information for your vehicle, make the appropriate choice where it says, "Select your Vehicle" near the top of the page. You can also set an appointment by clicking on the "Schedule Service" link. Shop Sears today to find the right maintenance package for your car.


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