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"1 4 inch air compressor hose"

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Use powerful air hoses for tough jobs

Air hoses are a special type of tubing that has extra strength to handle their load of compressed air for powering air tools and inflation of objects like bicycle and automobile tires. Air hoses have a tough outer layer and a reinforced inner layer that maintains the desired pressure of air flowing through the tubes from an air compressor or other pressurized air or gas source to the other end of the hose. We have many air hoses, compressors and air compressor accessories at Sears. Some accessories help you protect your air hoses. Swivel connectors allow the hose to turn independently from the tool so that damaging twists are prevented. An air line regulator with gauge tells you how much air pressure is in the line. To fix hoses, get one of our air hose repair kits. If you need to lengthen an air hose by joining it to another, use an air hose splicing kit. We have air tools, air hoses, compressors and many accessories you might need for working with compressed air.

An air compressor is a machine that converts other types of energy into kinetic energy that is in the form of compressed and pressurized air. As this air is released in short bursts, it travels through a special hose to a destination where that energy is needed, such as an air tool or tire. Many air compressors are small in size and can be easily carried or wheeled where needed to fill tires and air mattresses or to power air tools. Some of the smaller ones can be carried in a backpack or are hand-held. Air compressors are a power source for many smaller air tools, such as a power air ratchet, air paint brush, blow gun or pneumatic air hammer. Our air compressors are affordable, so you could have several for the home or garage. Inflation of toys, flotation devices, air mattresses and tires are the most common home uses for air compressors.

Most households have a variety of gear that needs inflation. Air mattresses, bicycle tires, toys and other items that need inflation can be blown up easily if you have inflators to use. Hand pumps are small and lightweight enough to fit onto a bike frame. Larger, heavy-duty electric inflators may also have a reverse function to deflate items. Portables operate by hand-pumping or off-rechargeable 12-volt batteries. A few also have built-in lighting to make nighttime operation easier. Outdoor toys like rafts, flotation devices and swimming pools require filling with a large quantity of air. Use of inflators for these big and repeated jobs is much easier than trying to blow up the toys with your own lung power. Machinery and vehicles that have tires need to have those tires properly inflated for best results. Inflator accessories like gauges makes this simple, and some inflators also have an automatic shut-off setting to use. Small toys and balls may need to have a special needle used for inflation; we stock many sizes of inflation tips and needles and air hoses.

Our inflators come from reliable brands such as Craftsman, Airman and Campbell. You can always count on Sears for topnotch hardware and equipment, and we will deliver even the heaviest orders to your location if you prefer that over store pickup.



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