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"1 4 x 1 2 inch 18 gauge crown staples"

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Cordless staplers provide multiple uses for your projects

You benefit from having cordless staplers in your home or workplace for many reasons. For one, you can staple underlayment to the flooring before installing carpet. Cordless staplers also come in handy for tacking black paper to the exterior of your home before you hang vinyl siding. For indoor projects, use a cordless stapler to tack permanent and non-permanent notes and reminders to a bulletin board. Sears carries hundreds of cordless staplers and accessories from Craftsman and Arrow Fastener for all of your weekly projects.

While cordless tools increase your mobility and functionality in the workplace, you can increase your efficiency even more with add-on tools and attachments. If you have a Craftsman Bolt-On drill, then transform your drill into three tools in one with an impact and a hammer drill attachment. Attaching the add-on tool takes just a few seconds, and you can use it to remove bolts from wood or to drill holes into masonry quickly and easily. Instead of investing in a separate jigsaw for your woodworking projects, use the Bolt-On jigsaw attachment and start creating intricate patterns and cutting precise lines in your wood.

Cordless glue guns also come in handy for woodworking and metalworking projects. You have a choice between high- and low-temperature glue sticks, which fit most name brand Stanley glue guns. We also have multipurpose and fast-setting glues that work with most materials and dry quickly. Some glue guns come with nozzles of various sizes depending on the amount of glue you need to use. Look for a glue gun with variable temperature settings so that you have precise control over the glue as you work.

In order to create intricate patterns or fancy edge borders on wood, you need cordless routers and bits from Black & Decker and CRL. Use a stationary router to create inlays at a precise depth and opt for a plunge router to drill holes directly into the wood. When using a router, move the tool along at a steady pace. Keeping it focused on one spot for too long causes burn marks in the wood. You can even invest in a CRL glass router for your glass-working projects. It comes with a roll of protective film, a pressure tank and additional bits and accessories.

Keep a cordless stapler on hand when you need to tack posters to the wall or install underlayment on the floor. Add-on tools improve your performance and transform your handheld device into a multi-functional machine. Use cordless glue guns to bond metal and wood and use a cordless router to create aesthetic borders along your wood projects. Visit Sears online for even more cordless power tools and handheld accessories for your workshop.


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