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Fun Cooking Starts with Sears Food Processors

Modern food processors and other small kitchen appliances can really make meal preparation creative and fun at the same time. We make it easy for you to get all you need in our small kitchen appliance bundles. Select from Sears' cooking appliance bundles to stock your kitchen with marvelous machines that make cooking a pleasure and clean-up a breeze. Our bundles are an excellent idea for experienced cooks or beginners, and these packages would make a perfect gift selection for a special friend who enjoys cooking. These bundles include time-saving devices like electric can openers, mixers and food processors. We have assembled bundles of many brand-name appliances to make your selections easier.

We also have a wide selection of electric can openers in many styles, shapes and colors, in addition to sturdy hand-held openers and ring pull can openers. Our name-brand electric can openers give you just the power needed to easily open even the largest and tallest cans. Many units also include a power knife sharpener. Strong magnets and grips hold cans securely, helping to avoid messy spills on your countertops. Operation is fast and quiet, another feature to appreciate during your busy cooking times. Can openers are traditionally a favorite gift item for new brides, but experienced cooks also enjoy receiving our small kitchen appliances as gifts. If youve been struggling to open cans with a hand held opener, consider gifting yourself a new electric can opener. We have a great selection in stock and can ship right away, direct to your home or office location.

Its hard to imagine any cook having fun in a kitchen without one or more mixers. Mixers make cooking and baking easier; they combine all ingredients quickly and to the perfect consistency you want. Our vast variety of mixers can easily meet the needs of individuals as well as larger commercial businesses. From hand-held wire whisks to classic stand model mixers, Sears has all the best brand name mixers ready to ship direct to your location. Some mixers are complete all-purpose kitchen centers, bundled with many attachments and accessories like bread hook beaters, ice cream makers and food grinders. Smaller hand-held portable mixers are lightweight, with easy-to-grip comfort handles. Many of these mixers are available in decorator colors to fit any kitchen design scheme. Accessories for your mixers include beautiful covers, pasta rollers, special beater shapes like the bread hooks and many others.

Is it time to replace your old mixer with a new one that has modern features and accessories? Theres no time like right now to bring some fun back into the kitchen with a new power mixer, food processor or can opener. Our durable brand-name mixers come in all sizes, perfect for home or commercial use.



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