"14-12 x 1 2 unslotted hex washer head self drilling screw zinc 3 point"

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      Stock up on screws for all your projects

      Screws are the ideal fastener for drywall, wood decks and many other construction projects because they hold much better than nails. Sears has the right screw for every job including lightweight drywall screws and coated screws that resist corrosion. You'll find the right diameter and length for your purposes. Other types of screws we carry include screw-in drywall anchors in plastic or steel and zinc-plated anchors ideal for metal and masonry. For a finished look, consider affordable plastic hole plugs or durable steel caps for use with assembly bolts. Ceiling anchors that can be installed in drywall and then screwed tight are available in the right size to handle your hanging basket, bird cage or light fixture. With thousands of screws and fasteners in our catalog, you'll find exactly the right one for your installation or construction task.

      If you're a hobbyist or professional photographer, screws from Sears will come in handy as you install vent reflectors in your studio or mount them to racks for use in the field. Our huge selection comes from the top-rated brands including Fotodiox, Cowboy Studios and Inferfit. Passive reflectors are affordable and work with separate sources of light including natural outdoor lighting. Integrated reflectors include their own light source and control panel to customize the amount of light on every shoot. Lightweight, collapsible reflector holders handle multiple reflectors and are easy to set up and take down.

      You'll need screws to affix home address signs to your mailbox post or the exterior of your home. Affordable plastic address numbers are available in black and chrome finishes, or you can upgrade to home address signs with numbers crafted from metal. They are produced in a variety of attractive finishes including genuine bronze and nickel. These numbers can be attached directly to your home or to a handsome plate with room for up to five numbers. They feature pre-drilled, countersunk holes for easy, attractive installation. Homeowners can purchase numbers in single quantities. We carry bulk packs of numbers that are ideal for those managing apartment buildings, office buildings and hotels.

      Fasteners from Sears can be used to install home electrical wiring such as whips for HVAC components, compressors and swimming pool pumps. They are prewired in water-tight flexible conduit for outdoor or submerged installation. We carry many lengths of electrical whips and harnesses along with fasteners and cable ties to keep them in place. Home electrical wiring supplies from Sears include cable wire, ties and clamps for setting up your home theater.

      Whether you're a homeowner or contractor, you probably use a range of fasteners at home, in the shop or on the job site. We have the screws you need for every purpose. Choose Sears for a great selection of quality fasteners at very competitive prices.


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