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Bench grinders make quick work of your custom metal projects

In a world of carpentry tools, it may seem like it is hard to find tools that will shape and work with sheet metal and solid metal parts. However, there are several helpful tools to help you make the most out of your custom automotive and machining projects. While most of these tools might not be found in the average handyman's workshop, items such as drill presses, lathes, thickness planers and bench grinders are all available in models that help shape and perfect any metal creation.

Bench grinders typically consist of a rotating device that helps shape or polish your material. A bench grinder with an abrasive wheel spins the wheel, which is often made of stone or other abrasive solid materials. The grinder can help sharpen cutting tools such as saw blades or knives, which will help save you money on replacements in the long run. The abrasive grinder is also great for cutting out and shaping bits of metal when you need to make a few minor adjustments.

Some bench grinders rotate a wire brush on the device, which is essentially used like a buffing machine to polish and shine your metal. The bristles help wipe away imperfections, leaving you with a smooth and glassy finish. With the right bristles, you can polish your metal to a near mirror-like sheen. You can also opt to switch out your bristles for softer materials if you need a quick shoe polish before work.

Bench grinders are great because they stay stationary and attached to your bench while you work. Handheld grinders are great for small projects and detail work, but it can be hard to control a handheld device and a large or cumbersome sheet of metal at the same time. The stationary nature of the tabletop design gives you complete control over your work.

Most quality bench grinder are available in commercial operations where metal work is common. However, you can still find bench grinders that are perfect for home use. A small bench grinder can keep your lawn and garden tools razor sharp. Regular sharpening of pruning shears and saws makes a huge difference when it is time to tame all of the growth in your yard. Likewise, even woodworkers will appreciate the value of a machine that keeps tools sharp. Chisels, hand planers and other carving materials work a lot easier when the blades are well-sharpened. Plus, many home bench grinders offer protective shields and bright lights to help you easily see what you are doing so you get your blades sharpened to the perfect angle.

With bench grinders from trusted brands like Craftsman, Sears is your go-to place to find a tabletop device that will sharpen tools and shape metal for you. Check out a great selection of affordable options that will keep your entire workshop in good working order for years to come. It may not build your house, but a bench grinder can be one of the most useful tools you will ever own.


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