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      Outdoor tool supplies make gardening a piece of cake

      Gardening may seem like a lot of hard work. After all, most images of gardeners picture them on their hands and knees, covered in dirt and sweat in the blazing sun. While gardening does require some effort, you don't have to do everything by hand; there are many tools out there designed to make gardening just a little bit easier. Outdoor tool supplies run the gamut from soil preparation to finishing touches that help you add decoration or nurture your growing plants.

      First you will need a few tools to help you with your work. A kneeling pad will help when you have to get down close to the garden bed, keeping your knees safe from rocks, twigs and the hard dirt ground. A hat and some gardening gloves will protect you from the elements and help prevent damage to your skin. Add some hand gardening tools to help with all the little details. While a Weedwhacker is great for your lawn, you may find that it is a bit too much power to gently take care of the unwanted growth between your rows of azaleas. Opt for hand tools with ergonomic handles to help ease the strain on your hand and arm muscles.

      As you prepare your garden for planting, there are some tools that can help. For a small garden, a rake will help you clean debris and a cultivator will help till up the soil to get it loosened and ready for planting. For a larger space, opt for a tiller. There are several styles available, including self-propelled models or styles you can pull behind your riding mower. You may also want to grab a spade or shovel to dig holes for bulbs and larger plants like bushes or trees. These tools will help you prepare your garden for planting before you ever even bring the plants home.

      Once you have planted your new flowers and greenery, you will need to make sure that it all continues to grow. Once again, there are a few tools that can make this job a little easier. A garden sprayer will help you disperse fertilizer, plant food or even pesticides to keep those nasty bugs away from your leaves. Alternatively, a spreader can gently cover your yard in pellets that slowly work their way into the soil over time. A good garden hose and sprinkler will ensure that your plants get enough hydration, even in the middle of a drought. And a wheelbarrow is essential for moving around landscaping materials like mulch and compost.

      No matter whether you need some tiny hand tools for a backyard garden or large tillers and sprayers to manage acres of grass, you are sure to find what you need at Sears. We have tools for gardeners with any level of experience, from novices to experts. Stop by to find the perfect tools to make gardening a simple and fun hobby for you.


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