"albion tm0410106g caster wheel ld rating 500 lb dia 4inch"

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      Keep things rolling with a new set of casters

      More often than not, when large furniture or appliances are arranged, that's usually where they stay. Adding a set of heavy duty casters to the bottom can make any large item mobile, allowing you to roll it to wherever you need it the most. When space starts getting tight, you can move furniture around more easily to make better use of your limited space. Lock the caster wheels in place to secure your furniture and appliances before enjoying your new arrangement.

      Adding a set of casters to your large tool chests in your workshop can increase their versatility and help you maximize your shop space. Put your drill press on caster wheels so you can move it in and out of your workspace when you need it. Putting casters on other big appliances, furniture or bench tools around your home gives you the options of when and where you'll use them.

      You'll want to have a full set of replacement caster wheels on hand for your wet-dry vac. These vacuums are going to be used in some of the harshest environments. Of course, there are other things around your home that naturally use casters, whether they're desk chairs or file cabinets. With an extra set on hand you can unscrew the broken caster and attach a new one in easily.

      Casters are available in a number of different materials and sizes to choose from, whether it's metal or plastic, large or small. Larger wheels give you more ground clearance. If you're worried about overall balance, you can pick a smaller wheel to keep the center of gravity closer to what it was prior to adding the casters. Picking a caster made of a polyurethane material will give you strength while not marking up your garage flooring. They'll also have a much longer usage life as compared to simple plastic caster wheels.

      Whether you need unidirectional caster wheels or ones that swivel, you can find your caster of choice. With a wide variety of materials, you can find the wheel that will be able to handle whatever environment you work in most. Come to Sears and get the casters you need to keep your appliances and tools rolling along smoothly.


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