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      Protect your little one with baby monitors

      Keeping a precious newborn safe is a top priority for parents. Sears is ready to help out with a great variety of baby monitors and other safety products for youngsters. Baby monitors allow parents to keep watch over their baby from another room. Some of our baby monitors allow video surveillance capability in addition to audio transmissions.

      Many wireless baby monitors allow complete freedom of movement for parents around the home because they still can monitor sounds and video from the nursery. With intercom models, parents can respond verbally to the baby. Another good accessory to get for your new baby is a baby bouncer to help keep baby happy with simple soothing movements. Battery-operated or motion-activated baby bouncers gently rock or swing fussy babies. Most models also can double as a carrier, so you can take babies along when you have to run errands. Attach some toys or get a baby bouncer that has built-in songs to provide entertainment for your little one.

      When babies are almost old enough to want to start walking, put them into baby walkers or jumpers so that they can develop muscles. This is a great delight for most children, and they love spending time in baby walkers. Walkers with wheels are designed to not tip over, and many provide a circle of protection all the way around, so babies do not bump into things like table corners or door frames. Most baby walkers feature an activity center play tray where you can attach toys or place small snacks or their bottle. Sears has many different types of walkers and jumpers; you probably will decide to treat your child to both. Our walkers are made by reliable manufacturers, including Fisher-Price, Disney and Sesame Street.

      Baby monitors are great for supervising babies from another room. Once babies begin to creep, crawl or walk around, baby gates can help keep them safely confined to an area. Babies who are mobile can get into a lot of trouble around the home. Using baby gates restricts them to certain rooms that you have baby-proofed, where they will be safer. Gates are easy for adults to operate but difficult for children to open. Some are permanently attached to a door frame or wall while others are locked with a snap down bar or a tension bar closure. We have many styles of baby gates, including expandable, swing and self-closing gates. Some are also good to use for pets at home.

      Enjoy watching your baby grow and thrive in safety by installing baby monitors and safety gates in your home. Sears carries many baby products that help your child grow up safe and sound, including baby walkers, jumpers and play yards. Pick up the ones you like best at Sears, or have us deliver them to you at home.


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