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Lay out and dry off with beach towels

Keep the sand off your back when you lie down on a comfortable beach towel from Sears. We have hundreds of beach towels with colorful patterns such as polka dots and stripes. Choose from oversize, specialty and standard beach towels in an assortment of colors and styles from floral prints to nautical shapes. Dry off when you come out of the water with a Colormate beach towel, and soak up the sun on an extra-large towel featuring soft organic cotton fabric.

You can use an oversized beach towel at home for use as a large cover-up when you get out of the bath or the shower. Before you head off to the beach, pack your car with beach towels and other supplies that come in handy on your trip. Stock up on suntan lotion and body spray that covers you in a fresh coconut and lime scent. We also have body sprays from Bath & Body Works that enhance your bath time when you can't make it to the beach.

We have vibrant beach towels with blue wave patterns and pink flamingo prints for drying off at the beach or for lying out by the pool. You can even find towels with sports prints for displaying your team loyalty while relaxing on the sand. With a large towel and some exotic body spray, you can recreate the feeling of the beach in your own home. Place a few coconut beads in the bath water, and spray Bath & Body Works passion fruit body spray over your arms and legs. Dry off with decorative towels that feature tropical and floral prints.

Leaving your wet beach towels on the floor causes odors and mildew growth. Hang your towels on drying hooks neatly by the pool or in the bathroom. You may have to fold an oversized beach towel in half to prevent it from touching the floor while hanging on a hook. Hanging a towel prevents wrinkles and improves airflow so that bacteria doesn't buildup between the folds. Lay your beach towel out in the sun to dry it quickly. You can then fold it and place it on a shelf without worrying about dampness causing mildew to form.

Soak up hours of sunshine on an oversized beach towel, and use Bath & Body Works tropical body spray to delight your senses. Design your bathroom with colorful shower curtains and decorative towels, and dry your beach towels on a drying hook after each use. Shop the Sears online inventory for an even bigger selection of affordable towels and accessories for your road trip to the beach.


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