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Haul your bicycle around town with a bike rack

Whether your heading to a trail in town or a race miles away, getting your bike in the car is a tough task. Instead of trying tricky ways to maneuver it in there, use a bike rack or carrier on your vehicle to transport your bicycle. Sears has a wide variety of bike racks and carriers to mount anywhere on your car. With extra cabin space, you and your passengers will enjoy a comfortable and spacious ride.

One of the most common areas to mount a bike rack is on your trunk. Bike racks and carriers that are located on the trunk eliminate overhead lifting and are low enough prevent the bicycle from impairing your vision through the rear window. Sears also sells bike and cargo carriers that can be installed on the roof of your car. Some are built with a special tray that locks in wheels, so your bicycles stay secure through every sharp turn and abrupt stop.

Your Jeep, SUV or pickup truck might have a hitch installed below the rear bumper. This is another spot you can easily attach bike racks and carriers to. Sears has Larin bike racks, which can be easily mounted to most hitches and features padded cradles that reduce irritating noises. Whichever rack or carrier you choose, make sure that you get tarps and covers to protect your bike from rain or dirt that splashes on your vehicle during the commute.

If you're planning a longer road trip, consider racks and carriers built for something other than a bike. Racks and carriers that hold more than just bikes are great at giving your passenger the breathing room they need inside and keep all your precious cargo secured outside. If you plan on hitting the slopes on your snowboard or skis, make sure to grab a ski rack to attach on the roof of your car. These racks are built with durable material to handle any cold and snowy weather.

From long distance trips to rides around the block, a bike rack is perfect for transporting your bicycle wherever it needs to go. Sears has bike racks and carriers from top-of-the-line brands that are built for any car, truck or SUV. You'll find anything from single racks to adjustable ones that can fit multiple bicycles.


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