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Invite Nature into Your Backyard with Birdhouses and Feeders from Sears

At Sears, you can find hundreds of birdhouses and birdfeeders to welcome your new backyard guests. With a birdhouse, you can give smaller birds shelter from the weather and offer plenty to eat with a new birdfeeder. You can even choose a squirrel-proof birdfeeder to ward off pesky squirrels.

Once you've decided on a birdfeeder, the next step is to choose the type of bird seed that you want to feed to the birds. Choose large bags of sunflower seeds, or select a bag of Scotts bird seed that offers a variety of fruits, seeds and nuts.

When creating a bird haven in your backyard, another useful item to have is a birdbath. These are especially important to have during the summer months when the sun is high and the temperatures are rising. The birdbath gives the birds a place to drink and splash around to keep cool. You can even choose heated birdbaths to keep water available for birds during the winter.

Add even more beauty to your backyard when you invest in lawn ornaments. Garden globes add a splash of color around your birdbaths, while bird statues create a comfortable environment for your wild birds.

Birdhouses and feeders are creative options for extending your backyard to the local wildlife. Shop Sears online for affordable birdhouses and other accessories to create an inviting haven for the birds in your neighborhood.



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