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Store and display your dinnerware with stylish buffets and hutches from Sears

Wherever you live, storage space can be an issue. Sometimes your home's built-in cabinets and pantries fill up too fast, leaving you with the quandary of how to keep your cookware and accessories organized while maintaining a tasteful, uncluttered decor. Assorted cabinets, like buffets and hutches may provide the answer. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and in differing styles to suit virtually any dwelling. Typically a combination of drawers and shelves, these attractive cabinets may perform double duty as serving surfaces or cocktail bars.

In addition to these cleverly designed pieces of furniture, people also turn to bakers racks as a means to create space for their cookware. These unique looking racks tend to be standalone shelf systems, often made of metal with a wire-like construction that is suited for hanging pots and pans. The shelves can then be utilized for ingredient canisters, appliances or containers full of whisks, spoons and other utensils. Depending on your needs and how much space your home allows, you may opt for a rack that goes flush against a wall or may be angled to fit in a corner.

Without a doubt, space is a big consideration in creating a kitchen that's not only functional but also visually appealing. In some homes, kitchen tables are both places for meals and social hubs. These rooms may even have televisions in them, likely placed atop a hutch or somewhere on a counter. Buffets are often convenient options for sizeable families, or for people who frequently entertain. They function as serving tables from which everybody can help themselves. Then, meals, the flatware, cups, linens, etc. can be easily stored inside them.

These kinds of free-standing cabinets or shelf stacks are great for storing and arranging food, utensils or even decorative accessories. There are times, however, when your special event lies in another room. Perhaps your guests are clustered around the big screen TV for movie night or for a major sporting event and you don't want them to miss the action? Kitchen carts provide the necessary mobility to bring food and beverages to your guests quickly and conveniently. Afterward, these rolling servers can be parked in any room to become a caddy for displaying photos or flowers until your next gathering.

Many clever designs exist to enhance your kitchen or dining room visually while providing utilitarian functions. Bakers racks, buffets, hutches and even carts can serve as decorative furniture pieces as well as useful storage devices. Whether your decor is contemporary or classic, Sears has a variety of options to liven up your room with a stylish look and practical features.


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