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      Keep your motorcycle roaring with a power sport battery

      Whether it's riding down the highway on your motorcycle or peeling off road on an ATV, you enjoy a little bit of adventure every now and then. Nothing halts the fun from your recreational vehicle like a dead battery. Sears carries power sport batteries in various sizes and for different uses so you can get your recreational vehicle running smoothly.

      If you own a motorcycle, there is no doubt that you take pride in it. You might spoil your bike with a good wax coat, cool aftermarket accessories or new motorcycle parts. While it's easy to get caught up in your motorcycle's other components, remember to always keep an eye on the battery too. Most motorcycle batteries last about three to five years, and the warning signs are similar to when your car battery begins to fail. A faulty battery causes slower start-ups and might need to be charged or jumpstarted frequently. Once the telling signs start popping up, you should consider replacing the battery before it dies.

      A quality power sport battery can also power up anything from ATVs and snowmobiles to riding mowers and watercrafts. Sears has a large selection of ATV batteries so you can keep trekking off road through the mud or woods. Whatever recreational vehicle you own, make sure you have the right equipment to charge it. It's always wise to have a portable power box or jumper cables to recharge your battery at any time.

      Installing a power sport battery might seem tricky, but it's typically an easy task. For instance, if you are putting in a new motorcycle battery, the existing one is usually located under the seat. Once you remove the previous motorcycle battery, place the new one in the housing slot and reattach the holding straps at the top of the battery. Make sure you're equipped with all the necessary tools and battery installation accessories to complete the job quickly.

      From small motorcycles to large lawn equipment, power sport batteries can always get any type of machinery going strong again. Since installing a new one is simpler than you think, you don't always have to rely on a mechanic to do the work. Save a little money by doing it yourself with the right tools and accessories from Sears.


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