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      Portable generators provide power where you need it

      Whether you work on-site or you need an additional power source at home, portable generators provide the power you need for your equipment in case of blackouts. Sears carries hundreds of heavy-duty yet portable generators that provide upwards of 10,000 watts of power. Select from Briggs & Stratton and Champion portable generators for plugging in your appliances during a blackout. Use a smaller 3,000-watt portable generator in the yard for powering corded electric lawnmowers and other power tools. From handheld generators to larger portable models, you can find gas-powered generators for your home at Sears.

      Portable generators come in handy when you need to use electric pressure washers on the job site. We also have gas and industrial pressure washers with more PSI for heavy-duty cleaning jobs. Use the Craftsman 1,700-PSI electric pressure washer to remove dirt from the house or the car, or opt for the powerful BE commercial pressure washer that provides up to 4,000 PSI. With a Craftsman 2,700-PSI gas-powered pressure washer, you don't need a separate generator to power the unit.

      Like portable generators but on a larger scale, commercial generators provide power where you need it. We have Champion and Briggs & Stratton commercial generators that provide more than 10,000 watts of power, and you can choose between diesel, natural gas, propane and hybrid fuel types. Powerhouse commercial generators feature remote starters, and they comply with the California Air Resource Board's emission standards. Some generators have wheels for transporting the units easily to different locations, and each generator has a durable steel frame for lifting the unit onto a truck or a trailer. As an example, the Champion Power Equipment generator has a cast-iron sleeve for added durability, and it operates for up to eight hours with its 5.9-gallon tank.

      Whether you choose the portable or commercial generator, you need to invest in generator accessories like transfer boxes and extra power cords. If your generator doesn't have wheels, add them yourself with the Lifan universal wheel kit. It attaches to any gas or electric generator with just a few tools, and it lets you transport the unit easily to multiple locations. Protect your generator from the elements with the Classic Accessories generator cover, and consider a Briggs & Stratton oil heater to keep the generator's oil flowing smoothly through the system.

      Portable generators come in handy for plugging in radios or power equipment when you lack a permanent electrical source. Some pressure washers provide over 4,000 PSI for removing grime and chipped paint with ease, and commercial generators offer even more energy to power large appliances and equipment. Shop Sears' online inventory for the best selection of heavy-duty generators and accessories for your home or business.


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