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Stock up on craft supplies for all artsy projects around your home

Crafting and do-it-yourself projects can be time-consuming tasks. You want to make sure you have all the craft supplies you need to complete a project in a day rather than running to the store mid-project to grab more paint, ribbons, feathers or any other craft supply. Sears carries a variety of craft supplies for all types of projects. Whether you're looking for ribbons by the yard, glass beads or tiles, stencils, canvases, stickers or any type of medium, you'll find a plenty of craft supplies for current and future home projects. When you have all the supplies you need, projects can be completed with a greater motivation.

There are plenty of craft supplies laying around your home if you look around. From paper tableware items, like cups and plates, to soup cans and glass jars, you and your kids can make just about anything your imagination allows. Make pen holders, candles, flower pots and more form glass mason jars or design masks and macaroni art with paper plates. Use paper coffee filters to make small floral poofs to decorate paper projects or round paper lamps.

Scrapbookers are looking for more specific craft supplies when they work on each intricate page. Display your pictures and memories on each scrapbook page with stickers, ribbons and frames. Specific scrapbooking tools including punch tabs and stamps can add depth and dimension to every scrapbooking page. Scrapbooking tools and stamps can be used on other craft projects aside from just scrapbooking. Use scrapbooking punch tabs and decorative scissors to create shapes to use for other projects as well.

Crafting can be messy, depending on how much cutting, pasting and painting you do, there's always a small mess to clean. Keep wipes on hand to clean any paste, paint or glitter left stuck to your tabletop. Store wipes and paper towels with your craft supplies in case of spills and messes mid-project, that way you won't have to run out of the room and fear for a larger mess when you return.

Whether you're working on a large project poster for school or making costumes for your kids or upcycling your current home items, keep a variety of craft supplies on hand for every type of project. From glass tiles to felt to canvas and much more, Sears carries craft supplies both kids and adults will use. Start getting crafty and show off your skills; shop craft supplies at Sears today.


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