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Sleeping pads and cots keep you dry on wet ground

Cots and sleeping pads can easily become a camper's favorite gear. Cots are portable beds that keep campers off cold, wet and rocky ground. These camp beds have taut hammock-like surfaces and don't require mattresses. Meanwhile, sleeping pads provide the twin benefits of padding and insulation. Sears sells a good variety of cots and camp pads that can be used together or alone for sound sleeping. Look for deals on gear from time-proven brands like Coleman, Northwest Territory and TexSport.

Cots at Sears fall into two main categories: traditional cots and tent cots. Traditional cots are the more common type, and are designed to be especially compact and handy. These cots unfold on site to provide simple sleeping surfaces. Tent cots are so named because they resemble small tents. They are designed with built-in covers to keep mosquitos and light rain from the sleeper.

During the day, a cot alone can be a wonderful resting spot. During the night though, cots are best used with sleeping pads .Some sleeping pads are made of simple foam. Other sleeping pads self-inflate when they are unrolled and have built-in bed pillows. For even more padding, treat yourself to an air mattress. At Sears you can find air mattresses in twin, queen and king sizes. Some air mattresses are thin for space-conscious campers, and others are sized like traditional beds.

Of course, a sturdy cot or comfy sleeping pad is only half the story; when it comes to a decent night's sleep, you'll also need to stay warm, which is where your sleeping bag comes in. Sears stocks an excellent selection of sleeping bags for adults and kids. You can easily search the inventory by material and climate zone to find just the right gear for your trip. Make sure you also check out our sleeping bag accessories section for thermal blankets, lanterns, tarps and other useful items to have in your tent.

A day full of hiking, hunting, fishing and setting up a campsite requires a good night's sleep to recover from, and Sears' sleeping pads and camping cots can help you get that night's sleep anywhere. You won't miss your mattress pads and pillows at home with our comfortable camping sleeping gear. Check Sears for cots, sleeping pads and other camp gear at great prices.



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