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      "chicago auto darkening shade adjustable solar welding helmet"

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      Protect your face with welding helmets from Sears

      Welding metal causes sparks and debris to fly in your face, which can cause permanent damage to your eyes if you leave them unprotected. Sears carries over 500 welding helmets and other safety gear to protect your face and your body as you weld. When the metal arcs upward, use the Metal Man auto-darkening welding helmet to protect you from the sparks and hot metal bits. We have traditional welding helmets and designer helmets from Neiko and Licota that feature flaming skulls and American eagle prints across the front and sides.

      Create your own metalworking shop in your garage with arc welders from Craftsman and Forney. An arc welder joins two pieces of metal together, and the Craftsman arc welder provides 240-amps AC and 180-amps DC to melt carbon steel in seconds. It also comes with a welding mask and a chipping hammer to get you started. In addition to arc welders, we have accessories such as steel wire and plasma electrodes that work with your Craftsman gasless wire-feed welder.

      If you need a portable welding option, then consider the ATE or DuroStar welder-generator combo. A combo unit comes in handy when you need to weld on-site but lack an electrical outlet to power your welder. The DuroStar welder-generator combo features a 16-horsepower gas engine with three 120-volt electrical outlets. It also features two heavy-duty wheels for easy transport. An ATE Pro welder-generator features a pull-start engine and produces up to 3,500 watts of power. You also have access to the Powerland generator that features an electric key starter and a 210-amp welder in one unit. Choose the welder-generator if you work outside of the home and need your own power source on the job site.

      Whether you have an arc welder or a spot welder, stock up on welding accessories from Craftsman and Western Enterprises. Ensure you have clean and strong welding spots with Craftsman premium contact tips, and keep the metal securely in place as you work with welders' clamps. We have Hobart 11-piece master clamp sets that include clamps and locking pliers of various sizes. Place your welder on a convenient universal welding cart, and keep plenty of Firepower flux core wire on hand for all of your welding chores.

      Invest in welding helmets and safety gear when working with arc welders. Consider a welder-generator combo if you need a portable option when welding on job sites without electricity. Improve the way you work with welding carts and additional welding accessories. Look for the best name brands of arc welders and affordable welding equipment from Sears' online inventory.


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