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Our stylish umbrellas will keep you looking great in any weather

We've all been there. You're on your way to work when all of a sudden it starts pouring. Quickly, you duck into the nearest corner store and purchase whatever overpriced and flimsy umbrella they are offering. Then you look around, noticing as one by one the fashionistas start popping open their chic umbrellas. If you promised yourself not to let this happen again, be prepared for the next rainy day with one of the fashionable umbrellas available at Sears. With durable umbrellas in every color and size, you'll never have to settle for a low-quality rain cover again.

We offer an enormous selection of umbrellas to keep you dry and lovely during any unexpected weather. Cover yourself in a clear bubble umbrella or a unique floral pattern umbrella that will both shield you from the rain and complement your favorite casual dresses and other outfits. With designer umbrellas from Lisbeth Dahl and Harold Feinstein, you can look perfectly put together even during the worst weather conditions. Choose an umbrella in your favorite color and complete your rainy day look by matching it with one of our stylish handbags.

Our tiny folding umbrellas from Rainkist and Bon Brella are just as convenient as they are cute. Engineered to quickly collapse into a compact travel size, you can be well prepared without feeling overloaded. Store your compact umbrella in your purse along with your travel-sized sunblock and you'll be ready for any weather. You can find the perfect drawstring bag to hold your compact umbrella in our selection of unique sunglass accessories.

If you live in an area with frequent storms, check out our strong, wind-resistant umbrellas from ShedRain and Futai. Constructed with steel frames, these extra-durable umbrellas are designed to last through even the harshest weather conditions. Look for an umbrella that can protect you in rain, sleet and hail without having to be tossed out after the first windstorm. Available in both compact and stick models, these are the kind of umbrellas you'll have hanging in your coat closet for years. Find a pair of all-weather sunglasses from Oakley, and you'll be ready to brave the elements.

Prepare yourself for unexpected weather with a durable and stylish umbrella from Sears. With a selection of umbrellas that can hold up in heavy rains while looking great at the same time, you can step out into any day with confidence. When the weatherman's wrong, you'll never be caught off guard with your mini compact umbrella tucked snugly in your purse. Whether you need to get through frequent storms or the occasional light rain, look through our fantastic collection and find your umbrella today.



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