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      Stock up on screwdrivers for every purpose

      Screwdrivers come in a wide range of styles and types, and we have them all. Slotted screwdrivers are available in many different widths, and Phillips screwdrivers come in many different diameters to fit different screw heads. Lengths vary too, so you can select a long driver to reach deep into an engine or a short screwdriver for use where space is tight. Buying screwdrivers in a set is a great way to get started. Many sets from top brands like Craftsman, Stanley and Bosch feature slotted and Phillips screwdrivers in popular sizes and widths. Sets of technician screwdrivers are ideal for working on computers and other electronics. Specialty screwdrivers include all-in-one sets with a single handle with multiple driver bits and ratcheting screwdrivers for use in very tight spots.

      Ratchet sockets are also available from Sears in hundreds of options. Craftsman makes a huge selection of sets with standard, metric or both types of sockets. If you know the size of the driver you intend to use, you'll find dozens of sets that will fit. Most sets come in a handy organizing kit made from durable materials. Craftsman's Easy Read ratchet sockets show the size clearly marked in white paint against a gray background. Westward, Sunex International and Proto are just a few of the other high quality brands we carry. Professional-grade ratchet sockets are available for the mechanic or contractor. Many are backed by a lifetime warranty.

      Keeping your sockets and other tools handy is easy with tool pouches from Sears. As you browse your choices, you'll find pouches with the size and number of pockets that will be most useful to you. Affordable canvas or nylon tool pouches from Klein Tools or Task Tools are popular with DIY homeowners. Carpenters and contractors may prefer an attractive leather or suede tool pouch from Craftsman or Leathercraft. Small tool pouches for individual tools or your phone allow you to accessorize your tool belt for your specific needs.

      Soft-sided and hard-case hand tool carriers get your tools to the job site and protect them in the truck. Soft bags from Craftsman, The Original Pink Box and Trademark Tools feature internal and external pockets. Zippers and Velcro enclosures ensure security. Padded handles and straps offer comfort during transportation. If you prefer a hard-sided case, consider choices from Pelican, Pratt and the Craftsman Military-Ready Series. Most feature rolling castors and telescoping handles, and some are outfitted with waterproof gaskets that keep moisture out of sensitive tools.

      As you browse our selection, you'll find the hand tools you need and perfect storage options too. We bring you the best brands at very competitive prices. Order the tools, pouches and carriers today, and we'll get them to your promptly.


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