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Get a sharper cut with replacement planer blades

The planer tool requires sharp planer blades to flatten and form your wood into the desired shape. Sears carries replacement blades of various sizes from Craftsman and Tersa to reduce a wood's thickness or to straighten a warped board. Laminated steel blades hold up longer than traditional planer blades, and Delta steel blades work best for high-speed planers and provide you with a sharp edge through multiple woodworking projects. Whether you own a handheld or a stationary planer, Sears has the replacement blades you need to flatten and level your planks and boards.

Along with replacement blades, you could always use additional power tool accessories to improve your workflow. We have a complete inventory of drill bits and rotary tool accessories to assist with your woodworking projects. Invest in Craftsman batteries and chargers for your C3 lineup of cordless power tools, and get a firm grip on your wood as you work with clamps and other drill press accessories. Stock up on saw blades for your circular saws and miter saws, and consider Craftsman utility gloves and safety glasses to prevent accidents in the workshop.

Whereas circular saw blades cut a board in half, dado blades cut grooves and dados in the wood's surface so that you can fit two pieces of wood together. Like other saw blades, dado blades come in various sizes and saw-tooth tips for cutting thin and wide grooves in the wood. Invest in individual blades as you need them, or opt for the Oshlun stacked dado set that comes with 16 blades for cutting grooves in hardwood, plywood and softwood. You also have access to Steel City right-tilt dado inserts, which provide friction-less cutting with 10-inch table saws.

Other woodworking tools that you should consider include band saws and scroll saws. Band saws work well for cutting straight lines and curved shapes in wood, but the scroll saw provides even more control with irregular patterns and intricate details. Because of the thin and flexible material, scroll saw blades break during cuts and wear down after multiple uses. Hang Craftsman assorted scroll saw blade packs on your pegboard for when you need a quick replacement blade during your project. Scroll saw blades come in different lengths and saw-tooth tips for cutting through various woods and other material.

Invest in extra planer blades for your stationary and handheld planers for multiple wood projects. Scroll saw blades bend easily to cut intricate shapes and patterns in your wood, and dado blades cut thin and wide grooves to create housing joints for bookcases or wooden end tables. Find the best selection of name brand power tool accessories and affordable saw blades when you shop at Sears.


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