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Creepers let you slide under your car with ease

Using a creeper helps you slide under a vehicle without ruining your clothing. Sears has a huge inventory of durable creepers from Craftsman and Whiteside for sliding under a vehicle and back out without contorting your body. The Craftsman 40-inch creeper provides plenty of space to support your upper body, and its heavy-duty wheels roll smoothly over both level and uneven floors. We also have adjustable creeper seats for additional comfort as you work on the car engine.

Along with creepers, stock your workshop with professional mechanics' air tools from Craftsman Professional and Chicago Pneumatic. Invest in a Craftsman 1/2-inch heavy-duty impact wrench for tightening and loosening lug nuts, or opt for a complete 14-piece mechanics' air tool kit that includes everything from a dual-action sander to a right-angle die grinder. Use the 3/8-inch ratchet wrench with your socket set, and cut metal piping with a Craftsman cutoff tool. We even have portable sandblasting kits and single-shot grease guns that work with your Craftsman air compressors.

When you can't diagnose the problem, bring your vehicle into Sears, and let the professionals have a look under your hood. Sears offers a list of automotive services such as brake evaluation and general maintenance. We provide full synthetic oil change and transmission fluid exchange services, and we can test your brake system and replace your brake pads all while you wait. You can also access the six-month, one-year and three-year alignment service, which includes a steering and suspension evaluation. Other services that we provide include a 90-day tire balance and a Road Hazard Plus agreement. From tires to cooling systems, we can diagnose and repair any problem you have with your vehicle.

If you enjoy working on your own car in the garage, then you need a heavy-duty set of personalized mechanics' tools from Craftsman and Stanley. Get all of the specialty tools you need with the Craftsman 540-piece tool set. It includes everything from socket wrenches to quick-release ratchets. You can also find smaller tool sets available, such as the 15-piece Dr. Socket set from GearWrench. Whether you need a socket set or a complete mechanics' tool set with a 3-drawer chest, we have the tools you need for both professional and at-home workshops.

Creepers help you slide under a car and then back out without dirtying your clothing or straining your body. Mechanics' tool sets include the tools you need for replacing head gaskets or installing new brakes. Personalized mechanics' tool sets feature up to 500 tools for setting up the ultimate workshop. Turn to Sears for professional name brand auto parts and automotive services for your vehicle.


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