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      Mini-tillers cultivate gardens in even the tiniest spaces

      Whether you have a small yard or a raised bed on your patio, you still need to prep your garden every season in order to get the most out of your plants. Hand tools will help you clear your garden space, and a great mini-tiller will help you loosen and prepare your soil for planting. Mini-tillers are an economical and space-saving tool that helps you keep your garden in shape without hogging space in your outdoor storage closet or tool shed. Sears offers a great selection of mini-tillers that will help your tiny garden blossom and grow all season long.

      For super-small spaces, try the cordless garden cultivators from Black and Decker, which rotate one small set of tines in a circular motion. Plus, since it's cordless, you won't be tied to an electrical outlet, which means you can cultivate your garden's soil no matter where your garden is located. Cordless cultivators, available at Sears, are also some of the most streamlined cultivators on the market, which means you won't have to clear much space in the garage to make room for the tool.

      Mini-tillers puncture the ground in order to mix up and loosen the soil. Pulling up richer soil from below brings moisture and nutrients to your top soil, making your planting easier and your garden more nutrient-rich. Traditional mini-tillers are available at Sears in both front and rear tine options, allowing you the freedom to choose a style that fits your needs. If you want a simple design that is easy to push and use, a front tine tiller should do the trick. If you need something a little tougher and you want protection from all of the dirt that gets kicked up in the process of tilling, then a rear tine tiller may be the right choice for you. Both types of tillers should get the job done, but you may prefer more or less power in your small garden, depending on the plants and soil type involved.

      Small tiller attachments are also available if you already have a multi-tool and just want to add a little tiller on the end of it. Black and Decker and Craftsman, favorite brands offered by Sears, each have a tiller attachment option for gas trimmer poles. Of course, you could also attach a mini-tiller to the back of your lawn tractor or riding mower.

      Sometimes you are looking for something that makes a deeper impact than a garden-variety tiller. Check out our variety of one-man augers with specialized auger bits that help you deal with deeper and more stubborn patches of ground. Whether you are looking to make a big impact or a small difference, Sears can help you find the right mini-tiller for you.


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