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Install new tool motors in your worn-out power tools

Electrical devices and handheld power tools don't last forever, but you can install new tool motors and restore your equipment. Sears has a huge inventory of motors for everything from appliances to power tools. Replace a dead motor on your table saw with the uni-saw motor from Leeson. It has an enclosed cooling fan that increases your machine's cutting power. You can also find motors for your bath fan and other household electrical devices. Whether you need a new motor for your blower or a woodworking machine, you can find what you need at Sears.

If you have a professional workshop or you enjoy woodworking at home, then you need jointer accessories and other tools for molding and shaping the wood. When you have uneven wood surfaces or wood that has a warped side, use a jointer to flatten the area. Stock up on Craftsman replacement blades to ensure you have a sharp cutting surface for every project. Glue applicator kits come in handy for attaching and holding everything together, and Bon Tool heavy-duty round and convex jointer tips work best for your masonry projects.

Shape table legs, and mold wood bowls with a lathe and lathe accessories from Craftsman and South Bend. The Craftsman 3-piece pen turning set comes with a case and three specialized tools that help you turn wooden pens easily with your lathe. Get the precision you need when you turn wood with the South Bend lathe rocker tool. Consider a Flexbar safety shield to block wood chips and dust from entering your eyes. It also has a magnetic base that stabilizes the shield as you work.

Unlike a jointer, you use a planer to flatten wood surfaces but also to create the same thickness as another piece of wood. With planer accessories such as knife sets and reinforcing blades in your workshop, you can do the job quicker and with better results. Invest in a Craftsman 15-piece cutter bit set that includes a carrying box and individual planer heads to create the exact shapes you want. Steelex casement knives work well for making relief cuts in chair rail and crown molding. With a Bosch planer kit, you receive a planer with a two-blade system, carbide blades and a blade wrench to get started on your woodworking. It also includes a chip bag that keeps your area clean as you work.

Tool motors degrade over time, but you can install a new motor and have your tools working as good as new. Invest in accessories for your jointers and lathes to maximize your efficiency in the workshop. Come to Sears for the affordable power tools and accessories you need for woodworking.


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