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      Add interest to your property by displaying flags

      Flags are colorful and have interesting designs. You can add sparkle to your property by displaying different flags for various occasions. Sears flag collection includes patriotic flags, sports team and college logo flags and many others. We also have banners and bunting material in red, white and blue that you can display across your porch, deck or the front of your home. Our country-style flags from Jeremiah Junction bear folksy designs like houses, farms and gardening equipment. Use Cypress Collectibles embroidered patches on your clothing if you wish to honor your state or nation. They are easy to apply with an iron. Near to your flag display, add one of our outdoor furniture sets or a grill bundle. You can sit around chatting with friends, relaxing near your flag display. We have beautiful outdoor furniture sets packaged as a complete bundle, from respected brands like Ty Pennington and La-Z-Boy.

      In addition to a large selection of flags, we have many decorative banners that you should see. These are another way to dress up your yard or home for special events, parties or to match a season. We also have banners that are suitable for retail use, such as our anniversary sale banner. CASEYS banners feature major league and college football team logos, a sure way to let others know which team you are supporting. You can celebrate your favorite team by showing off a team party banner at your own event. Use Valley Forge flags from Sears to express your patriotism anywhere. We also sell flag poles, wall graphics and accessories that might be needed for displaying your flags and banners. If you need a banner for advertising purposes, Quality Banner Advertisements can do the job clearly with their 3-foot long by 8 or 10 foot-wide preprinted banners.

      If you are looking for a unique way to accomplish flag lighting for nighttime display, check out the affordable ANNIN & CO Solar Flagpole Light. This interesting product provides a 360-degree cone of light a full 15 to 20 feet downward. It is an excellent way to show off your flag properly during nighttime hours and dark days. Sears has many other types of outdoor lighting you can use to light your flags and banners, including solar LED flag lights, pole lights and in-ground spotlights. From any viewpoint, you want your flags and banners to be visible and enjoyed; our flag lighting accessories can do that job for you.

      Once you decorate your home or business with beautiful flags or banners, you are ready to have guests come to see your displays. Get the outdoor furniture sets ready for company, and turn on your outdoor flag lighting when it starts to get dark. Shop at Sears for everything you need to improve your home, garden or business with flags. We will deliver to your location or you can pick up orders at Sears.


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