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      Get accuracy and power with a new drill press

      A drill press is key to any workshop. Their speed and precision allow them to work on almost any material. Sears carries models with laser guides and spotlights to help increase the accuracy of your drill. Floor drill presses will give you a sturdy place to work. If you have a table mounted press, there are plenty of drill press stands to give you the stability you need. All of these drill press accessories will help you use these tools as efficiently and safely as possible.

      When it comes to specialized holes that you need drilled, Sears has the tools you need. With a mortising machine, you'll be able to drill square holes for mortise and tenon joints. A mortiser will help you with a wide range of wood working projects from building a crib to making cabinets. Get the mortiser and lumber you need to complete these handcrafted projects.

      The right drill press will last for years and years. With a Craftsman drill press, you'll have many of the features of an industrial model combined with ease of use perfect for any skill level. Variable speed drill presses will let you customize the speed of the drill bit to the job at hand. Get all the drills and other power tools you need at Sears.


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