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Drill Presses From Sears Make The Job Whole

Sears provides Craftsman and other name brand drill presses online or at the store. When the orientation and location of the hole has to line up perfectly, the best tool for the job is a drill press. Choose from table-mounted or floor drill presses that give you the ability to do your job more accurately than a standard handheld drill.

Like most tools and power tools, drill presses come in all types of styles and sizes, and each one gives you the control you need to drill holes in wood for cabinet knobs, door handles and more. Of course, you need the right kind of drill bit to do the job. Sears has every drill bit available online, including adjustable chisel bits. Drill bit sets are available that come with up to 200 drill bits for almost any job you can imagine.

Drill press tables are a must-have accessory; these allow you to place the wood across the drill press and to adjust the slope for a more angular hole. Whether you are looking at an 8- or 15-inch drill press, Sears has the tables you need to place your wood and to start drilling immediately.

To keep the wood securely on the table, a drill press clamp is necessary; this vise is adjustable and works well to lock the wood in place while drilling. Craftsman offers drill press clamping kits to use for any size drill press, which means you can secure wood as thick as a 4x4 or as thin as fiberboard. No matter how large of a job you have to do, Sears has the tools you need to make it easier than ever.

Whether you are drilling holes for kitchen cabinetry or working on an important building project, the drill presses and accessories sold online at Sears give you the ability to do the job right the first time. Choose from Craftsman and other name brand manufacturers to ensure that you have the right tool at the right time.


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